Read My Lips: Image 9




 “Damn pop-ups!”
- Deepest Throat
Runner Up!
Reyes: what was that noise it sounded like oh god john look make
em stop! 
Dogget: you do it your more of a people person! 
Reyes: fine, ok guys i know you are happy to see each other but really! 
Dogget: yea this is not the place! 
Reyes: wait is that even possible? 
dogget: i don't know but what i do know is i need to see proof 
reyes: oh i'll give you proof john just as soon as dana and mulder 
have finished their um…strip search?

 - trisa

The Rest Of The Batch!
Doggett: “Ha Ha this is fun Reyes, two down one to go.”
Reyes: “Alright for some I'm outta ammo.”
- gurlie gurl


Doggett: Just aim a little to the left Monn' and i am telling
you, you will hit Kirsh's bald patch!

- the_dark_lady_of_DNA


Reyes & Doggett: Freeze! 
The person who Reyes and Doggett are
pointing at (person has a black Mulder&Scully lives! t-shirt):Hey I know
you guys from somewhere!Dont shoot me! Im a huge fan of Mulder & Scully
but it doesnt give you the right to shoot me! It just makes me mad why
you Doggett cant be open to Reyes.I watched Audrey pauley and you didnt
eaven say to Reyes that you love her although you promised! Now lay
your guns and be adults and YOU Doggett promise me that you say THAT to
Reyes.And remember to get those cool X-files waterbottles for me..with
your autogarphs, please! And say hi from me to Mulder & Scully! I really
appreciate you guys! -The time warp closes and I see my self on sofa

-          Roosa


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