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Mulder: "Scully, why do you have that smug look on your face?"
Scully: "I just copulated with an alien..." sighs... "I think it was
the most intense experience I have ever had.  I mean, the texture of their skin…
it’s just so, scientifically unexplainable!"
Mulder: rolls his eyes.  “Alright all ready…” to the steering wheel,
sad, and in thought--"More intense than me?  What did I do wrong?  
Was it my after shave?"
- Marion
Runner Up!
After a long night of surveillance, which inevitably lead to
nothing, Scully got her own back by shaving off 
one of Mulders eyebrows whilst he slept.
- the_dark_lady_of_DNA
The Rest Of The Batch!
“maybe if i smile and stroke my hair seductively mulder won't  realise i have farted!”
- the_dark_lady_of_dna
Scully: "What the hell is that in your pocket?...A roll of
quarters or are you just pleases to see me?"
- Balboa #1
"Mulder, your fly is unzipped and um, maybe you should do your um, laundry"
- trisa
"don't you dare say i told you so scully!" 
"why not?" 
“because if aliens landed i would never flunt it in your face!"
"no mulder your right you wouldn't but thats only because you
 would find a way to get your self killed telling that to the F.B.I i 
can see it now…you standing out side in your alien boxers
because they invaded during your shower.  And you standing
outside the F.B.I with a giant sign saying the aliens are here i told
you so!"
"awww scully you wound me" *makes puppy dog face
- trisa
Mulder...  Scully you look rather smug with yourself, do you
wanna share?  Scully... Yes Mulder I do,  I am sitting on your hand.

- gurlie gurl


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