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Mulder: Ohoy! Hey you there! Someonee! Please help me.
I can´t drag her all by my self.  Shes not a light person. 
And the jacket is too expensive to get dirty.  Where´s the Lonegunmen 
when I need them?
Scully: Ohh. I fainted because you had that awfull aftershave again.
Don´t you never learn that it smels likes....

- Roosa

Runner Up!
Hey Scully, don´t be dramatic, that´s just my brandnew

- Anna

The Rest Of The Batch!
Mulder: scully Quick, there's no one around, get your gear off.
Scully:  Ohhhh Mulder help me, I can't wait.

- Gurlie Gurl


*Scully fainted from Mulder's smell*
Mulder: "Damnit, where the hell are we? Isn't there a shower
I smell THAT bad? Maybe we can take a shower....TOGETHER! 
Yeah, I knew my hunting on aliens would some day pay off. I have 
the power over her now, I can easily knock her 
down by lifting my arm.......".
- Dee Lite


Mulder: Err.. Billy, my aftershave.. its done it again!
- Agent Charlotte
Mulder: God, it's great being superior to Russel Crow.
- The Dark Lady Of DNA


Mulder: Scully quick there's no one looking.
Scully: ok Mulder I'm ready kiss me.
- Gurlie Gurl


               damn...i finally tell her i'm in love and she lies down to
sleep. what the....?.....oh wait.....hey scully...nobody's here....

- nadine


Officer off screen: What is wrong with Agent Scully?
Mulder: We just solved the mystery of the Horny Beast. Can I get a rootbeer?

- Deepest Throat


Mulder: “Bigfoot, stop mooning!  You’ve sent Scully into shock!”

- Lone Gunman


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