Read My Lips: Image 5




Scully: "Gee Mulder, I don't know about you, but what do 
you say about a peppermint?"
Mulder: "Why?"
Scully: " Your breath smells like you ate an alien"
Mulder: " You haven't seen the sun for a while 
haven't you Scully?"

- Dee Lite


Runner Up!
"Ummm mulder you do know thats my nipple you are twisting"

- Will


The Rest Of The Batch!
“You know Scully... I think it might be time for you to 
start using night cream!”
- Agent Charlotte


Scully: “Mulder do that again and...”
Mulder: “and youll what Scully???”
Scully: “I'll grab you by the gingangs.”
Mulder: “oh!!.. Scully I like it I like it come to bed.”

- gurlie gurl


Scully: “Mulder, are you aware that if I look at you from this angle I can see straight up your nose, and into your skull??”

Mulder: “Really?  Can you see anything??”

Scully: “Nothing!”

- Lone Gunman


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