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Mulder: “What? There is an alien in your bathtub?”
Scully: “Yeah.. sure... he´s right here... he looks a bit like 
AD Skinner, though.”
Skinner: “C´mon, Dana, hang uuuup!” *drunk*

- Laly X Phile


Runner Up!
“So anyway, after I knew agent Mulder was in the bath I ran
 In and stole all his clothes!”
“That’s ingenious sir, wish I had thought of it first!”

- Agent Charlotte


The Rest Of The Batch!
Scully: “He's where?!  Boy am I glad I don't have a video phone!
Mulder: “You telling me!”

- korttniee4444


Scully has been on the wine all night chatting up Skinman...
Agent Mulder listens in, unable to believe his own ears.

- Agent Charlotte


Mulder & Scully: “Hey skinman”
Skinner: “Yes agents!!  we can see your grapes.”

- gurlie gurl


Skinman: “So Dana…what are you wearing?”

Scully: “Nothing, Im just drinking some wine.”

Mulder: “No way!  This is better than my video tapes.”

- Lone Gunman


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