Read My Lips: Image 3




"remind me never to ask Micheal Jackson for advice on a plastic surgeon!"

- korttniee44444


Runner Up!
“When Scully and Skinman suggested I took a vacation, this was
NOT what I had in mind!”
- Agent Charlotte


The Rest Of The Batch!
Mulder: “Scully OMG they have another one!!!  Guess where they
are putting it??”
- gurlie girl
Mulder: "Laughter lines huh! I'll show them!”
- Ali
Mulder: “Sculleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  Help me!!!
They are stretchin the wrong thing!!!”
- gurlie gurl
“OH NO.... I'm gonna sneeze!”
- Agent Charlotte
Mulder "And they call this a health farm?"
- Ali
“this is not how I imagined plastic surgery”

- wessy


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