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Skinner: “OMG scully you stink.”
Mulder: “Did you fart Scully?   Help you are choking me.”
Scully: “well! you will feed me doughnuts.”

- gurlie girl


Runner Up!
Mulder: "If Scully would punch me for checking out her rack,
Skinner is so gonna get it"

- Sarah


The Rest Of The Batch!
Scully: “Hey skinman!! will you leave my arse alone.”
Mulder: “Yea skinman!!! you heard the woman.”
Skinner: “Awww spoil sports.”

- gurlie gurl


Skinner: "Hey, Scully, I think Mulder likes you!"
Scully: "Yeah, right, and I'm santa claus"
Mulder: "Oh, Damn, he told her!"

- Laly X Phile


Skinner: “Hey Scully, the truth really is down there!”
Mulder: “That is SO unfair, its my quest to find the truth 
Skinman, NOT yours!”
Scully: “Do u two mind? This is my close up.”

- charlotte


Skinner: “hehe pull my finger”
Scully: “it gets old after it just happened you know!”
(mulder thought: “maybe it wasnt such a good idea to consume
a whole wicker swing set as my daily fiber intake! Ouch”)
- Will


Scully: “He's panicking just look at the face.”
Mulder: “I am not panicking, you are standing on my toe.”

- gurlie girl


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