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 “We've been here for hours, Mulder.  You can't fix it. CALL AAA.”
- Spencar
Runner Up!
Voiceover: Albert Holstein: When I first met the FBI Man I knew there was
something stirring deep down inside him. And like the truth this
stirring can't be buried for long. I t always rises like the Phoenix
*A blast from the ass trumpet starts our scene*
Scully: “Mulder!  I can't believe you just did that.”
Mulder: “Wasn't me!”
Scully: “We are all alone in the middle of the desert, What do you mean
it wasn't you?”
Mulder: “the poof is out there, Scully.”
- Deepest Throat
The Rest Of The Batch!
Scully: “Mulder wait a bit! I want to get a tan...after all this
is the last episode and I want to look great....really. And hey could
you take the dirt of my eyes and search from the ground my contact
lenses. I cant see without them. “
Mulder: “Oh bummer..why I picked her in here.” 
(Goes ground to search Scullys lenses from the sand..)
- Roosa
Scully: “OMG Mulder, couldn't you have done that when the wind
was blowing the other way. “
Mulder: “Sorry Scully Iv'e got gas.”
Scully: “Mulder you stink.”
- gurlie gurl
scully: “what i would not give right now for a double cheese burger
mulder: and i promise after we save the world and if anyone is left
alive i will take you to the nearest mcdonalds  
mulder muttering to him self: i have seen that face before, oh god! ever fake it scully? 
Great.  next time i must rember to include food
- trisa

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