Read My Lips: Image 1





"Mulder do you know that your nostrils flare out into little
wings when you mention aliens?"

- Will


Runner Up!

“Scully, this is where you pucker up and kiss my ass!”

- mindyK


The Rest Of The Batch!

Mulder: “Oh Scully, I could kiss those lips.”
Scully: “Well what ya waitin for.”

- gurlie girl


"So Mulder, how about we go to the hairdresser right now?"
"That'll be a cold winter".

- Gillian Dolmans


{in a deep demonic voice} “I am about to shrink your balls 
to the size of raisins.”
- Lydia


Mulder: “Hey Scully baby, how about you come over to mine
and we watch some of those tapes I have stashed away?”
Scully: “Mulder, get a life...and a hobby”

- charlotte


“I need to have a contact to a young lady”
- john


"Uh, I think the truth may be in the bed, under the covers, 
you wanna help me check"
- sultragent7


Scully: “Go on kiss me! kiss me! kiss me!”
Mulder: “I'll do more than kiss you when we get outta here.”

- gurlie girl


Scully: “See, I told you I was just as tall as you.”

Mulder: “Yeah, but you’re standing on your tip-toes.”

- Lone Gunman


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