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After the death of Byers father, the Gunmen get involved in a terrorist plot an eventually have to face off against a Governmental Power known as The Overlord Ė who also happens to be an associate of Byers father.The situation intensifies as Byers and his father (whoís death was exaggerated) board an aircraft and have to sniff out a bomb before any damage can be done.

Bond, Jimmy Bond

An influential Japanese businessman who is running an illegal whaling fleet is threatened by a man named Thosiro in Japanese.The Gunmen must set up the illegal whale fleet to expose the illegal whaling operation.

Eine Kleine Frohike

Frohike has to disguise himself as the long-lost son of a woman who is believed to be a Nazi War Criminal that the Lone Gunmen are trying to flush out.She was famed for poisoning the pastries of the French Resistance.

Like Water For Octane

Yves sets the boys on the trail of a water-powered vehicle, in hopes of procuring the information for an oil company executive who is paying her very well.She leaks them information through The Freedom Of Information office clerk who dies as a result of the information.

Three Men And A Smoking Diaper

After hijacking a reporters microphone ear-feed in order to force Senator Jefferson into confessing about the death of one of his campaign workers, Langly and Frohike are arrested, which inadvertently leads the Gunmen to track down the illegitimate child of Jefferson.They discover the child and have to look after it until Jefferson can be convinced that the child is his, however, none of the Gunmen know anything about bringing up a baby.

Madam, Iím Adam

Byers and Jimmy meet a man named Adam Burgess who has found someone else living his life and heís not recognised by anyone he knows.He thinks heís been transported by aliens from a parallel universe where everything is the same except him, but it soon comes out that his memory has been modified via electrodes implanted on his brain.

Planet Of The Frohikes

The Gunmen receive an E Mail from an unwilling captive who is being subjected to a series of Government tests.As the Gunmen head to rescue the captive, they discover that their contact is actually a genetically engineered super monkey.

Maximum Byers

While tracing down a man who the Gunmen believe is Elvis, a woman approaches them, praising their Newspaper The Lone Gunmen, and begs Byers to help her save her son who is being held on death row in Texas for alleged murder.Its up to the Lone Gunmen to come up with a plan before an innocent man is put to death.

Diagnosis: Jimmy

While the trio stalks a grizzly-bear poacher in a snowy forest, an injured Jimmy believes his doctor is a killer profiled on Americaís Most Wanted.

Tango De Los Pistoleros

After the Lone Gunmen ruin her first attempt to get close to a suspected smuggler, Yves arranges to become the manís partner in a tango competition - with a little help from the Gunmen of course.

The Lying Game

The Gunmen investigate the supposed murder of a professional blackmailer.When the apparent victimís sister come to them seeking help in bringing his killers to justice, the gang are dazzled by her beauty and are determined to impress her by solving the case.However, when the evidence points to Assistant Director Skinner of the FBI, the Gunmen learn that the Ďvictimí is actually part of an FBI sting operation.To make things worse, they learn that the victims sister is actually a transsexual who was Byers room mate in college.

Guest Starring Mitch Pillegi as AD Walter Skinner

All About Yves Ė Part 1

After having posed as aliens to trick Morris Fletcher into divulging privileged information, the Gunmen learn of Romeo 61 - a rogue Government agency that may harbour the most sensitive information on the planet.Suspicions rise when we learn that Yves had anonymously contacted Mulder about trading top secret information, leading to a rendezvous between Jimmy and Mulder while the Gunmen attempt to infiltrate Romeo 61.

Guest Starring David Duchovny as Special Agent Fox Mulder

Capín Toby

Langlyís childhood hero, kids show host Capín Toby, is accused of being an international spy, it up to the Gunmen to clear his name.

The X Files: Jump The Shark

The Lone Gunmen is concluded by this instalment of The X Files, which sees the return of our favorite trio, Jimmy, Yves and over course Morris Fletcher.




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