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In The News!

The X Files: Resist Or Serve!

Some details have surfaced regarding the latest X-Files game which is due to be released on all major games consoles later this year.  The UK gaming magazine Xbox Gamer published an article in their May issue, showing some screen caps for the game as well as a review. 

You can read the article here: Page 1  ||  Page 2

Source: Xbox Gamer (May 2003)


No X Files 2 Soon??

Rob Bowman, who directed the first X-Files feature film, told the Calgary Sun newspaper not to expect a second movie until the time is really ripe for one. "I know [series creator] Chris Carter intends to do another movie, and Fox Studios certainly wants one," Bowman told the newspaper. "David Duchovny definitely wants to do another one, and I'm pretty certain Gillian Anderson could be talked into doing one. It's really a matter of gauging fan appetite. When we did the first one, the series was at its peak, so the appetite wasn't all that great for a feature film. Chris pointed out the first Star Trek movie didn't come out until 15 years after the TV show ended. I doubt Chris will make us all wait that long for another X-Files movie, but he will wait for people to get really hungry.”

Would Bowman direct a second instalment? "No one has even whispered the possibility to me. I'd be on board in an instant if they asked me, but if they don't, it doesn't matter, because I had such incredible experiences with The X-Files already.”

Source: Sci-Fi Wire (25/7/2002)


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