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X Files Nominated In 54th Annual Emmy’s

The nominations are in, and despite a complete lack of Sci-Fi genre shows, The X Files managed to come away with a nomination for best dramatic underscore in the series finale The Truth.  Other genre shows to be nominated include Buffy The Vampire Slayer for best hairstyles, best makeup (both non-prosthetic and prosthetic) and best musical direction for the critically-acclaimed Once More With Feeling.  Other shows to get a mention included Farscape, Smallville and Alias.

Source: Aint It Cool News (17/7/2002)


Bowman Talks ‘X Files 2’

Rob Bowman, best known for his television directorial talents in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "The X-Files," said that he would like to continue his movie directing after completing his upcoming film "Reign of Fire" and move on to something from his past ... like the next "The X-Files" movie.

“That decision is up to Chris (Carter)," Bowman said of the television show's creator. "I would certainly love to work with all of those people again, and if he elects to ask me, schedule permitting, I would absolutely love to do it. And if he chooses not to call me, that's fine also. It really has much more to do with how much I love the show.  I think I'm going to be fine in terms of movie selection, and by the time the movie happens, I would have had two more movies under my belt and hopefully established myself securely in the future world”.

Bowman said he wants to work with stars David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully) once again.

“I think those stories are always just so super fun and cool," he said. "And as long as it still provides a directorial challenge for me, why not?”

Source: SyFy Portal (19/6/2002)


Sci-Fi UK To Show ‘Gunmen’ Pilot Overview!

The UK Sci-Fi Channel will be broadcasting a brief overview of basically what happened in the Pilot Episode before they show Bond, Jimmy Bond on July 1st.  They deemed the Pilot unsuitable for airing at the present time as a result of the September 11th tragedy.  Perhaps at some point in the future UK fans will get to see the Pilot Episode the way it was meant to be.

Source: The UK Sci-Fi Channel (18/6/2002)


UK ‘Gunmen’ Schedule Confirmed!

The UK Sci-Fi Channel has confirmed the broadcasting schedule of The Lone Gunmen.  The episode entitled Bond, Jimmy Bond will be the first to air.  The Pilot Episode cannot be shown at this time due to the fact that it features a plot to fly an airliner into the World Trade Centre.  (Please remember that The Lone Gunmen was created prior to September 11th)  The series is due to air on July first at 21:00 and the rest of the series will follow every Monday at nine.

Source: The UK Sci-Fi Channel (13/6/2002)


Season 9 – ‘Must-See TV’

In the latest issue of the Sky Magazine, Sky 1 described the ninth season as ‘this months must-see TV’.  The article also contains some comments about the show from Gillian Anderson and some key moments from The X Files.  You can see the article here, and if you notice the fourth key moment of The X Files, Existence’s kiss between Mulder and Scully, the image which is shown is actually taken from season six’s Millennium.

Source: Sky June Magazine (25/5/2002)


Nothing Important Happened Today DVD Release

The season nine premiere, Nothing Important Happened Today which is scheduled to be seen on Sky 1 on June 20th will be making its way onto shelves ten days earlier.  When an X Files feature, such as Deadalive or Existence makes its video/DVD release, its usually after the episodes have been aired on Sky, but before the BBC.  This marks the first time that an episode has been released before it has been seen on UK television since the Biogenesis trilogy.

Source: DVD Street (12/4/2002)


Sky 1 Confirm Season 9 Airdate

Sky 1 has finally confirmed the official airdate of season 9 of The X Files.  The final series of the show will be broadcast on a Thursday night at 9pm, starting from June 20th.  The X Files will take over the Angel slot once the series reaches its third season finale.  However, at the current time, it is unclear if on Thursday 20th, both instalments of Nothing Important Happened Today will be shown or just the first one.

Source: Cult Times #80  (28/4/2002)


‘The Lone Gunmen’ Goes UK!

The UK Sci-Fi Channel recently announced that they have acquired the rights to show all 13 episodes of The Lone Gunmen series.  However, at the present time, the air dates have not been confirmed!  They also announced that unlike their US Counterparts, the UK channel does not have the rights to air The X Files, and will be unable to acquire them until The X Files finishes its run on Sky 1!

Source: The UK Sci-Fi Channel  (17/4/2002)



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