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Source: Haven

Gibson Praise is in the finale
Krycek is in the finale (or at least the script)
Marita is in the finale
Doggett and Skinner break Mulder out of the brig

Mulder and Knowle Rohrer get into a fight when Knowle finds him inside a government facility and Mulder does get hurt.

Mulder gets away from Rohrer, but gets caught and put into the USMC Brig where he is beaten by a guard until he admits to what they need him to confess to (the script says Mulder lays his head on the cell floor after the beating, thus already placing him in the Brig).

Skinner and Doggett rescue Mulder from the Brig long after the military trial and sentencing.

There is no evidence that Skinner is shot in the attempt to rescue Mulder

Mulder's physically coerced into saying he's a guilty man, that he failed in every respect, that he deserves the harshest penalty for this crimes. The highest penalty in his case is the death penalty. Mulder, quite literally, is on trial for his life when he is accused of killing Super Soldier Knowle Rhohr. Also, while the escape happens in the second hour, there is Mulder and Scully interaction very early in the episode. (Please note: all spoilers are the best we can piece together from what we've seen, we have NOT seen the full episode).



Source: Ain’t It Cool News

According to the source, the series finale opens finding Mulder on a military base where he leaves a tour group and gains access to a "war room." There, he encounters Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea), whom Skinner supposedly killed in the eighth season finale.

According to the source, Krycek helps Mulder, but suddenly disappears as Knowle Rohr walks in and catches Mulder in the room.

Mulder takes off through the base and hides in a computer room where he finds the information he's been looking for since the beginning of the series. However, Rohr ends up dead and Mulder is taken into custory for his death.

After Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) catches word about what happened to Mulder, they visit him in the U.S. Marine Corps brig in Quantico, Va., where they find Mulder apparently talking to himself. However, when he sees Scully, he calls her Dana and asks if she is all right. She attempts to kiss him, however, but he doesn't respond.

"Mulder tells them that he is happy where he is and deserves to go to jail for having killed Knowle Rohr," the source said.

When Mulder is alone again, he begins to talk to himself again, but this time, we see through his eyes and discover he's talking to Krycek.

Once she discovers that the trial might end up being fixed, Scully returns to Mulder to try and convince him to make a deal -- guilty on a lesser charge.

"Mulder says he would rather die than give them what they want, and Scully asks how he can do that to her," the source said. "Mulder tells her that it is greater than the both of them combined, that it is about everything they've worked for -- everything they've sacrificed. Scully tells Mulder to expose whatever he is holding back, (and) Mulder says he can't and won't."

And talking about fast justice, the trial begins during the first hour of the finale, and by the conclusion of part one, the jury has returned it's verdict for Mulder: guilty.



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