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Man in suit: Agent Scully are you aware your testicles are growing?
Mulder: Testicles! How did I miss those
Scully: (sigh) This is so embarassing...

- Deepest Throat

Runner Up! [update]
Mulder: "Scully, you surely go to some strange Doctors appointments".
Scully: "Well, this is the best I could get. They have this great
radioactive lamp, it gives me a healthy white glow in the dark".
Mulder: "Now you know why I sleep with my lights on".
- Dee Lite


The Rest Of The Batch!
Mulder: Hey Scully!!
Scully: What now Mulder??
Mulder: I am dying for a wee, Its so cold in here
Scully: Hang on Mulder, wait till this alien is finished with his probes.
Mulder: I can't I am doing it as we speak.
Scully: And while we are waiting, could you please take your hand 
off of my ass.
- gurlie gurl
I've told you before Scully, only Detective White can wear my
favourite perfume without side effects!

- Agent Charlotte
My heart is not ready for the rocking chair

- scully
Mulder: Does that collonic irrigation stuff actually work?

- Gaz
"this has to be the weirdest dentist I've ever been to"

- Jeremy
Mulder: um Scully not that I'm complaining, but you forgot to
close the back of your hospital gown. 
Scully: shut up Mulder
- Korttniee4444
Fox: " finally made it" 
Scully: "I'm re-shooting the Vaginal probe scene and catering shows up!"
Suit: "I guess I called catering at the perfect time...I get her ALL TO
- harry
Scientist: Ma'am the smell of this would end a marriage!
Mulder: Comon! Comon I need to unload or yer' gonna need a new suit!

- Will


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