Read My Lips: Image 11




“i do love you mulder but really i have to draw the line
somewhere and that line is leather!”
- sandy 
Runner Up!
“Now if i wiggel my ears and stare at you in a wierd manner....I
can morph into a pixie!”
- the_dark_lady_of_dna
The Rest Of The Batch!
Mulder: “I no that look Scully.”
Scully: “You mean this look?”
Mulder: “well what ya waitin for? I'm ready when you are.”
- gurlie gurl
“Mulder, Damn you are fine!”
- Zilron
Scully thoughts: “You've GOT to be kidding me.(sarcasm) Yeah sure
Mulder I'll get right on those lab results for alien goo. Looks like he
pulled this shit of a bed sheet from the local motel.”
- Deepest Throat
Scully: “i can't belive that i can hear those tapes all the way
up here. Maybe thats why mulder got a high five.”
- trisa

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