Scully’s Pregnancy


Scully had always wanted to be a mother one day, and this desire was partly the reason for joining the FBI – she wanted to bring up her child in a safe world.  However, as a result of the experiments performed on her during her abduction, Scully was left unable to conceive a child.  However, through what may be considered a miracle, she done just that.  Her partner, Special Agent Fox Mulder recovered what he believed was her ova from a Government Lab where experiments had been carried out on certain abductees.  With the hopes that one day Scully may able to fulfil her dream and conceive a child, he took the ova to a doctor, who informed him that the ova were unusable.  Mulder later gave Scully the ova, and she took them to a specialist named Doctor Parenti, who gave her good news – using a relatively new approach, he could get her pregnant using her ova.  All she needed was a father, who could either be an anonymous donor or someone else she had in mind.  Scully decided to ask Mulder if her would father her child.  After careful consideration, he decided to accept.  Doctor Parenti performed the treatment on Scully, giving her a good chance that she would become pregnant.  However, not long after she received the treatment, it was announced that it had failed, and that she was not pregnant.  Mulder however remained optimistic, telling her to “never give up on a miracle”.


While investigating a re-occurrence of alien abduction in Oregon, Scully began feeling dizzy, and collapsed into the arms of The Lone Gunmen in the FBI building.  When she woke up in hospital, she discovered that she was pregnant.  But was this a result of Doctor Parenti’s procedure, or a close encounter with Mulder??  During the investigation into the abductions, Mulder himself was taken, leaving Scully who confided in Assistant Director Skinner the nature of her condition.  Scully was assigned a new partner, Special Agent John Doggett to recover Mulder by investigating The X Files.


More questions were raised about her pregnancy when a man named Duffy Hascal came to The X Files with a story about how his wife was murdered by Government men when she gave birth to an alien baby.  His wife had supposedly been an alien abductee and had experienced all the same things Scully had – missing time, cancer which was inexplicably cured, and she was also left barren.  Parenti believed that the doctors who helped her conceive a child were in on the whole thing and they were just as guilty as those who performed the execution themselves.  Doggett believed that the case should be investigated, Scully on the other hand did not.  She hadn’t informed Doggett about her pregnancy, and did not want him to find out – if Deputy Director Kersh discovered her condition, she would be taken off The X Files and they would be closed for good.  She couldn’t let that happen!  She had to find Mulder!  She dismissed the case, but feared her baby may be in some kind of danger.  She took Duffy Hascals ultrasound which was performed on his wife in order to compare it to her own.  At first glance, the child in the picture looked alien, but after an examination by Scully’s Doctor, Doctor Parenti, she learned that her child was perfectly healthy.  Assistant Director Skinner called a meeting between Agent Doggett, Scully, Duffy Hascal and himself, in order to discuss a series of threatening letters he sent to Agent Mulder before his disappearance.  Hascal told them that there were others like his wife.  He then named a woman, Mary Hendershot, whom Scully had seen the day before while she was snooping around  the clinic of Dr Leve, Katherine Hascals doctor.  That night, Mary arrived at Scully’s apartment, fearing that her baby was in danger.  Scully immediately headed to an Army Hospital, where a procedure would be performed in order to induce labour in Mary Hascal, and so that an examination of her unborn child can be done.  Scully received an ultrasound, which came back normal.  However, when the doctor left the room, Scully noticed that the video which was supposed to be recording her ultrasound was playing rather than recording.  Scully took off, along with Mary.  They didn’t even reach the doors when one of the doctors noticed they were missing and called security to search for them.  Luckily, Doggett called Knoel Roare, and intelligence operative and an old friend, who arrived in time to save Scully and Mary.  While they left the hospital, Mary went into labour and had to give birth at the side of the road.  As she did so however, Scully was given a tranquilliser, and as she fell unconscious, she heard the screaming of an alien child.  When she woke up, she was in hospital and Doggett told her that Mary Hendershot had given birth to a baby boy.  Convinced that Mary had given birth to an alien which was switched, she refused to go to the clinic of Doctor Parenti. 


While following a lead on abductees from Oregon who had been returned to Earth, Scully discovered Mulder dead in the woods, not far from a camp which was home to hundreds of abductees who had been healed by Jeremiah Smith, a man whom Mulder believed was part alien – a hybrid.  Months after Mulder’s body was laid to rest, his body was resumed, and it was discovered that he was very much alive.  Billy Miles, a boy from Oregon was also in the same situation.  Billy however shed his skin, becoming an alien replacement, also known as a Replicant.  Luckily, Scully managed to find away to stop it before Mulder shared Billy’s fate.


As the birth date of Scully’s child grew closer, the doctors with previous involvement with the alien babies suffered a series of ‘accidents’.  Dr Leve was killed, as his lab burned to the ground – a definite case of arson.  But what was never discovered was that before he burned, his head was cut off by Billy Miles - a form of execution.  Mulder, along with Doggett, investigated the destruction of Dr Leve’s lab, leading him to question its co-founder, Dr Parenti – Scully’s doctor during the first two thirds pregnancy.  Not long after their failure to turn up anything at Parenti’s, the doctor was murdered by Billy Miles.  Scully fears the worst when she catches her baby nurse switching her medication.  At the FBI, Mulder, Doggett, Skinner and Scully question the nurse, Lizzie, about her actions.  Lizzie tells them that she worked with a man named Duffy Hascal on a project involving human cloning.  Duffy was now dead, killed by Billy Miles at an illegal cloning facility.  Lizzie explained that the work had started back in the fifties – there was lots of interest and lots of money.  The project continued over the years, using alien genetics which had been recovered in the 1947 Roswell crash.  Using a human egg and alien DNA was a surprising success, creating a form of alien human hybrid.  But Scully’s child was not among these alien children – it was special – completely human and more.  A Miracle.  Scully’s child was perfect and had no human frailties.  Later that evening, Scully and Mulder were attacked by Billy Miles at Scully’s home, luckily though, Krychek showed up, saving their lives.  They immediately returned to the FBI building, where Krychek told them that Billy was a Replicant after Scully’s child.  The question was: why?  Alex believed Billy, and the others like him, were afraid of its implications – a child born from its mothers barren womb – it was evidence of a higher power, a power higher than them and the alien apocalypse they were trying to bring about.  At that moment, Knoel Roare, the intelligence agent and friend to John Doggett arrived at the FBI, with an explanation unlike the one given by Alex Krychek.  What Knoel told him was that Scully was actually part of a secret Government project – her abduction was staged to gain access to her ova in order to spawn a super soldier.  A soldier like Billy Miles and hundreds of others like her.  Fearing that Billy would find her, Scully went into hiding along with Special Agent Monica Reyes.  They went to a secret location, known only to Agent Doggett – his birthplace, which was as isolated as any other place they could hope to find.  But when the time came to give birth, she was not only visited by Billy Miles, but by hundreds of other Replicants like him, with the exception of Knoel Roare who was also one of them – he was believed to be dead after a battle in the FBI building itself.  Remarkably however, after witnessing Scully give birth to her child, they all left, leaving her and the baby safe and sound.  Later, when she returned to her home, she met with Mulder, letting him see his son, who she named William after his Grand Father.  But is William a normal baby, or something more??



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