Alien Replicants


Alien abductees have often experienced periods of a heightened emotional and mental state, similar to being psychic similar to what occurred in Agent Mulder after he came into contact with an alien artefact from Africa.  It was widely believed that these heightened states were simply a result of the procedures which were performed on them, but could there be another reason? In actual fact, the heightened state served to prepare the minds and bodies of those abductees for the final days of colonisation.


Billy Miles, a boy from Oregon who had been in a coma for years was mysteriously removing people whom he had known and taking them deep into the forest where they were abducted by aliens.  Fortunately, Mulder and Scully managed to solve what was happening and Billy came out of the coma.  However, seven years later, the abductions happened again.  And this time, Billy was not involved.  While attempting to solve what was going on, Mulder feared that Scully would be abducted, as she was abducted before.  However, after her abduction, Scully’s senses had not been heightened, but Mulders had.  Mulder and Billy were both abducted by a man known as the Alien Bounty Hunter.


For almost half a year, Scully, along with her new partner Agent John Doggett, searched for Mulder and the others who were abducted from Oregon.  They discovered Billy Miles alive at the brink of death and their quest lead them to a small encampment of abductees who were in fear for their lives, and a man who called himself  Absolm.  He predicted that an alien invasion would commence at the millennium – that is when the abductions intensified and they were being returned at the brink of death.  Working with Absolm was a man who Mulder and Scully knew as Jeremiah Smith – a clone bred using alien genetic material.  His creation was a failure – one of many in the creation of a perfect human being.  His failure however gave him the ability to heal people at will, that’s what he was doing with the abductees.  Scully, Doggett and Skinner, along with an FBI strike team invaded the encampment, capturing Absolm and Jeremiah.  Among the abductees was Agent Mulder – dead.  Billy Miles was sent into intensive care, where after Mulders funeral, he shed his skin and fled the scene.  Baffled at what had transpired, Doggett and Skinner had Mulders body dug up and examined – he was alive, barely, and showing the same symptoms Billy Miles had done before ceasing to be human.  Billy’s body had been dramatically altered – his bones had become a form of metal – one which cannot be destroyed.  Using the data gather by studying Billy’s charts, Scully managed to save Mulder’s life.


Billy Miles however remained at large.  He began hunting down the men who had worked to create alien hybrids and bring around the colonisation and killing them, destroying any evidence that a conspiracy had taken place.  He succeeded in eliminating evidence at Zeus Genetics, a place where experiments were carried out on women who were unable to conceive – giving them a chance to birth again using alien genetics.  Scully was among these women.  Being pregnant with a child which may have been created by the men at Zeus Genetics made Scully a threat and Billy Miles, along with the other Replicants began hunting her down.  As he managed to track down Scully, Alex Krycheck saved her along with Mulder, taking them to the temporarily secure FBI Headquarters in Washington.  There, he revealed that the Replicants were alien lawmen who would ensure the planet is ready for the colonisation and eradication of all life on it.  Scully’s child became in danger when Billy breached the security of the FBI building, forcing her to flee into hiding with the assistance of Monica Reyes.  Scully gave birth to her child in Democrate Springs, the place where Agent Doggett was born.  As Scully went into labour, she was surrounded by Replicants, including Billy Miles and a police woman who had assisted them.  After witnessing the birth of Scully’s child, they left peacefully.


It is unclear what the Replicants wanted with her child, or what they have in store for the future, but one thing is for certain – they will be back!



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