The Alien Rebels


Far in the reaches of space, there are races, alien beings from countless worlds with countless appearances and countless agendas.  A race known as the Alien Colonists, who walked the Earth long before man or animal, plan their return.  Men from the Government assisted the re-colonisation, men like Bill Mulder and CGB Spender.  During the final stages of the colonisation, those who have previously been abducted by the colonists and those who had been implanted with alien-inspired technology, (Maherin Technology), would come together in groups.  In Kazakhstan, the first of these grouping occurred, however, it was fifteen years too soon according to the colonist timetable.  This grouping was not a result of the colonist calling, or by the chips implanted in each of their necks, but because of the Alien Rebels. 


For a war had begun.  Each of the alien nations were in upheaval and they existed in a sate of war.  Cassandra Spender, also known as ‘Patient X’ and wife to CGB Spender (the Cigarette Smoking Man), believed the aliens were here to spread the word of light among humanity, leading everyone to a new state of existence in a higher plane.  She was wrong, as she soon discovered.


The second grouping occurred at Sky Line Mountain, the place where Duane Barry had taken Scully, where she was abducted.  Hundreds of people arrived, expecting to be enlightened by an alien race, but instead found the Alien Rebels had arrived to kill them all.  Using a hand held device, the Rebels are able to ignite a persons body with a single touch, incinerating every single part of their body.  Suspicious about what was going on, Mulder had several members of the dead chosen at random and X Rayed.  In each one he discovered an implant, similar to the one that Scully had removed and the one she was re-implanted with.  As Scully warned Cassandra not to remove her implant without contracting a disease, she suddenly felt the urge to be somewhere.  That night, she left her home and travelled to a bridge where she was under the influence of her implant.  Once there, she met Cassandra who had also been drawn to the location by her implant.  At the Hydro Electric Power station, a UFO arrived, and left after hovering over the bridge for a few moments and then departed, leaving a group of Rebels with the abductees.  As they attacked those on the bridge, another UFO appeared, attacking the Rebels.  Scully and some other survivors ran, narrowly escaping death, while Cassandra was abducted by the colonist craft that killed the Rebels. 


The Syndicate, those helping the colonists, were completely unaware that a war had begun.  It wasn’t until a Rebel craft, perhaps the same one from the Hydro Electric Power Station, crashed in Russia did they learn of the Rebels existence.  Most noticeable, was the lack of eyes, mouth and nose on the Rebels.  One of the Syndicate believed that they once had these facial features, and that what covered them was simply facial scarring.  But what was more interesting was the fact that the scarring was self-inflicted, as protection – protection from infection by the Black Oil.  When the vaccine which had secretly been developed by the Syndicate to combat the Black Oil failed when they tested it on an infected agent, one of the Syndicate Members, The Well Manicured Man, suggested an alliance should be made between humanity and the Rebels.  The Syndicate disagreed, believing that the only hope of survival was to develop a vaccine in secret from the colonists.  To that end, they ordered that the Rebel should be turned over to them, further preserving their lives.  However, The Well Manicured Man believed that if they turned over the Alien Rebel, they would lose all chance of survival.  The rest of the Syndicate disagreed – they saw two options: one, create a vaccine for the Black Oil and survive, and two, continue the work and create human-alien hybrids who will survive as a slave race.  Just as the Alien Rebel which was to be turned over the colonists escaped just as the Alien Bounty Hunter was about to kill it, using a spike to the neck.


Almost a year after the first encounter with the Rebels, they struck again, killing a group of Syndicate doctors as they performed experiments on a woman – Cassandra Spender.  Cassandra was a success – a human alien hybrid which would be immune to the Black Oil and who would be the first of a slave race to the Colonists.  The Rebels were aware that if the project was exposed, the work would cease, therefore, they spared Cassandra Spender, giving Mulder and anyone else who kept their eyes open, the proof of the conspiracy and the existence of the existence of alien beings.  In order to ensure that the work ended, the Colonists infiltrated the Syndicate by killing one of its members, and disguising himself as that member.  During a meeting, the Rebel suggested that an alliance with the Rebels should be attempted.  At that instant, the Cigarette Smoking Man knew he was not who he appeared to be.  As an initiation task, he sent his son, Jeffery Spender to kill him.  The Rebels were basically the same race as the Alien Bounty Hunter, except they had mutilated themselves to prevent infection by The Black Oil.  Spender failed to kill the Rebel, believing it was just an old man.  Luckily, Krychek had been sent to watch Jeffery and ensure no harm comes to him.  Krychek used a spike-type device on the Rebel, piercing the back of his neck, causing him to dissolve.  When the Syndicate learned that Cassandra was the first success, they believed that the colonisation would commence.  In order to survive, the headed to an old airbase where they colonists would abduct them, and implant them with alien genes which would allow them to live on as a slave race.  However, as the group gathered, the colonists struck, killing off virtually all members of the Syndicate, with the exception of CGB Spender, the Smoking Man, and Special Agent Diana Fowly, who had only just been let into the group by the Smoking Man.


The Alien Rebels done what Mulder could not – save humanity from the imminent invasion.



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