Billions of years ago, aliens walked the Earth before any living creature.  Before dinosaurs or man.  Little green men.  This was their world.  At least, until man spawned into life.  The aliens left the planet as man spawned into life, but they did not just give us the planet, they left what they needed to retake the planet in the future.


The alien colonists did in fact play a vital role in human evolution.  In South Africa, Scully discovered an alien spacecraft which was covered in Navaho, an ancient native American language.  Once translated, it was easy to see that what was on the craft was the original Bible and every other holy book.  The former inhabitants of our world shaped our culture more than anyone else ever knew.    


In the mid 1950’s, after the crash at Roswell, a conspiracy formed, working with the alien colonists so that humanity wouldn’t become and extinct species.  The men who formed this conspiracy were all government officials with access to whatever they needed.  Using genetic material from an alien embryo which was supplied by the colonists, work began to create a perfect human being.  Someone without any human frailties, and who could endure more than anyone else.  For when the aliens came to retake the planet and extinguish the life already on it, humanity would become a slave race.  After all, would a slave race be better than extinction?  These “perfect humans” would be immune to an alien substance known as The Black Oil, or as the Russians call it, Black Cancer.  The Black Oil is a form of alien, in actual fact, it is the blood of the alien colonists, capable of taking control of a human and expelling vast quantities of radiation from the host, killing those nearby.  Throughout the world there are fields of corn crops, covered in a virus similar to the black oil.  Nearby the fields are bee hives.  The bees collect the infected pollen from the crops and when the time of colonisation comes, the bees are released.  The black oil would enter the host, turning humanity into a slave race.  Or so the conspirators thought.  Those who formed the conspiracy had been lied to.  Once the host is infected, an alien foetus forms, keeping the host alive indefinitely.  This foetus then gestates, killing the host during its “birth” and can walk the Earth.  The alien plan for humanity wasn’t a slave race, it was canon fodder.  We would feed their colonisation and assist in our own demise.  Secretly, the conspirators were developing a vaccine, in the hopes on immunising the worlds leaders, their allies so that when the colonisation commenced, they could resist and survive.  However, alien rebels, who immunised themselves against the Black Oil got to the conspirators, killing most of them.  But the work continues.


During the final stages of colonisation, human beings would be replaced by alien entities known as Replicants.  These Replicants would be invulnerable to almost anything on the planet.  They would serve as law men – ensure the preparation has been completed before the aliens retake the planet.  Now, they walk the Earth doing just that.


The fate of humanity has yet to be determined.


Resist Or Serve


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