The Black Oil


The Black Oil, a virus used by the Syndicate to bring around the alien colonization is actually an alien entity.  Not just an entity, but life force.  For Purity as it is known to them, is an eradication technique.  By infecting a host, it can take over them, controlling their every action, leaving no memory once it has left the body.  The only tell-tale signs are severe radiation exposure and an oily residue left behind.


During the Second World War, a North American P51 Mustang crashed into ocean, which was believed to be carrying the third atomic bomb bound for Hiroshima.  Shortly after the war ended, an American Submarine was dispatched to recover the craft and the weapon – why build a bomb when you can salvage one?  The crew of the Zeus Faber Submarine began experiencing severe radiation exposure, killing several crewmen.  When a Japanese Destroyer moved into the area, The Captain of the vessel refused to return to Pearl Harbour, forcing the crew to mutiny while the Captain was in the medical deck, examining the dying.  When one of the sick went mad, pulling a gun, the Captain forced it from him.  As he did so, members of the crew closed the door, locking it from the outside and sealing the fate of all the men trapped inside.  It was only then did the men see what was killing them: the Captain dropped to the floor, excreting a black oil from his eyes and mouth, allowing it to travel through an air vent and out into sea where it rested for fifty years.  When the Zeus Faber reached Pearl Harbour, only seven men were alive – seven out of a hundred and forty four.  After the event, Government men, claiming to be from the FBI spoke to one of the dying men recovered from Zeus Faber who asked for justice.  Those men were not from the FBI, but were members of the Syndicate who were working to bring around the alien apocalypse, Bill Mulder and CGB Spender.  The Black Oil which had left the sub had remained dormant until the French began an excavation of the ocean floor, looking for an atomic bomb, but instead released the black oil entity which had been trapped for so long.  The French crew were slowly affected by the radiation, killing all but one man – the diver who discovered the P51 Mustang.  After being treated for minor injuries, the diver went home, searching for something in his own home when his wife returned.  Afraid of her husband, she ran, only to be attacked by him.  But instead of killing her, he forced her down, excreting the Black Oil from his eyes and into hers.  Hot on the case, Mulder arrived at the divers home, discovering him with a strange oily substance all over his body.  Finding a variety of documents left by the Black Oil entity, Mulder pieced together a puzzle, leading him to Hong Kong, following an employ of a salvage yard.  After arresting her, Krychek attacked them, forcing the woman out of the room while holding Mulder in it.  Still connected by handcuffs which extended under the door, Mulder was forced to the ground after Jeraldine, the Salvage Employee, was shot by an unknown assailant, causing Krychek to flee the scene.  Outside the door, the divers wife possessed by the Black Oil exposed a special ops team sent to retrieve someone or something to deadly radiation, killing them instantly – a defensive manoeuvre to ensure that The Black Oil is not stopped.  Mulder managed to slip out of the hand cuffs and pursue Krychek while Scully worked on learning more about the Black Oil by talking to a friend of her fathers, who also happened to be the last survivor of the Zeus Faber.  After catching up with Krychek at Hong Kong airport, Mulder punched him, and then sent him into the bathroom to clean the blood.  If he didn’t come back in five minutes, he would go after him and kill him.  In the bathroom as he cleaned himself, a woman entered, the divers wife, forcing Krychek up against the wall, and exposing him to the Black Oil, infecting him.  Krychek, possessed by the Black Oil, gave Mulder the key to the locker containing the digital tape and headed to it with him.  However, their car was driven off the road, forcing the Black Oil to expose the Government Men driving the car to deadly radiation while Mulder was unconscious.  Krychek left the scene, heading to North Decoda, where a UFO designed for the Black Oil was being stored in a missile silo.  Causing a great deal of pain to Krychek, the alien substance leaked from his eyes, nose and mouth, re-entering the craft.  It is unclear what happened to the Black Oil which entered Krychek, or where the craft went to, but it wasn’t the last encounter with the alien purity.


Over a year later, while following a lead on a terrorist faction building a bomb, Mulder encountered Krychek once again, who had been salvaged from the missile silo.  Krychek told Mulder that all he wants is to expose the Cigarette Smoking Man, a goal which Mulder has been pursuing for years.  Krychek explained that in order to do so, they need to talk to a man arriving in America using a diplomatic visa.  Mulder and Scully took Krychek to the airport where he pointed out a man carrying a diplomatic pouch.  As Scully tried to question him, he ran, leaving behind his pouch which was holding nothing more than a rock, or more specifically, a piece of a meteor from Mars.  At a NASA lab, a scientist performed a core sample on the recovered meteor, releasing The Black Oil.  Rather than possessing him however, it sent him into a coma like state.  Remarkably, the Black Oil was able to enter the scientists suit even when he was wearing a level 4 containment suit.  Determined to get to the bottom of what was going on, Mulder spoke to a contact with knowledge of the rock, Marita Covarrubias, who told him that it was coming from Russia, not far from Tunguska, where a meteor crash landed over a hundred years ago.  Mulder immediately headed for Tunguska with Krychek, where they were both captured by Russia soldiers.  In the ‘prison’, Krychek betrayed Mulder, becoming one of the guards sending Mulder for experiments involving what they called The Black Cancer.  The Russians were secretly developing a vaccine to combat the alien virus just as the Syndicate were, however, it appears as if the Russians were more advanced in there results, probably due to their cruel and barbaric use of human test subjects.  Luckily, Mulder managed to escape while attacking Krychek.  However, the NASA scientist who was testing the meteor was killed by a Russian hit man, who was claimed that the Cold War isn’t over.  As he left the lab, he also took the meteorite, and using the developing vaccine, removed all traces of the Black Oil from the scientist.  Over two years later when a group of aliens, Rebels, resisted the alien colonists, a war began, which quickly spread to Earth engulfing all those who had been abducted and carried microchips at the base of their necks.  Krychek, working for the Russians, managed to capture one of the only survivors, using the Black Oil as insurance that no one else will learn what he knows, which came into effect when Marita Covarrubias managed to take the boy from Krychek.  The Black Oil infected her, sending her into coma like state.  The vaccine which was being developed by the Syndicate failed to save her, forcing them to try the Russian one, which only just saved her life.  Marita was sent into a Syndicate run hospital in order to study the effects it had on her and to improve their vaccine.


When The Alien Rebels triumphed over the colonists, most of the Syndicate members were killed, and the Black Oil quickly dried up.  The last encounter was on board an oil rig, in which the Black Oil had been infecting workers with the objective of survival.  However, when Mulder and Doggett arrived on the scene, it didn’t last long, and the last of the Black Oil on Earth was defeated.



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