The X Files: Fight The Future


For centuries, it has been kept hidden by the forces of nature, concealed by those who would bring forth Armageddon.  Lies which take life now point to the truth.  The Truth Is Out There.


When some boys in Dallas discover a cavern filled with prehistoric bones of early man, an investigation is launched, but not by The FBI.  Someone else in interested in the discovery.  Immediately, the area is quarantined.  However, one of the boys who made the discovery went missing in the cavern, and the fire fighters who went in after him were also unaccounted for.  The boy’s friends stated his eyes turned black.  Once the bodies were recovered, the boy and two fire fighters they were send to a lab for analysis.  But there was still one body in the cavern – a caveman which had been preserved for millennia. 


As Mulder and Scully patrolled the rooftop of the building searching for a bomb without any success, their downfall was already being plotted by men from within the FBI.  A bomb threat sent to building is supposed to promote terror, yet Mulder and Scully were knowingly searching the wrong building on a simple hunch.  And they succeeded.   Bomb was discovered in a vending machine.  An agent also assigned to search for the bomb attempted to disarm the bomb while the building was evacuated.  Or did he?  The bomb exploded, wiping out the labs in which the analysis was done on the bodies from Dallas.


Blame had to be assigned for the explosion which killed several people, including a boy and two fireman form Dallas.  The same people who were killed in the cavern.  Mulder and Scully were the perfect pair to blame, after all, they did search through the wrong building.  The X Files were shut down pending an investigation into the events which destroyed the building. 


Meanwhile, back in Dallas, highly sensitive analysis was being carried out on the prehistoric corpse which was discovered.  Bronsweig, the man in charge of the operation, called in some of his associates, including The Cigarette Smoking Man.  What they had learned by studying the ancient corpse cast doubt on all they knew about the alien colonists who planned to one-day retake the planet.  They had believed that humanity would become a slave race.  But the corpse was displaying a reaction they had not anticipated – an alien entity was gestating inside it, and would burst free, killing the host.  Humanity would become fodder for the coming invasion!  While the Smoking Man headed to London to confer with the Syndicate about what he had learned, the alien gestated, killing Bronsweig.  Luckily, the team of scientists managed to lock down the cavern, trapping the alien.


Furious about being blamed for the atrocity, Mulder managed to convince Scully to help him discover what really happened.  He was contacted by a man named Alvin Kurtzwall who worked with his father for years.  He provided some help in the form of drawing Mulders attention to specific places and events.  She performed an autopsy on one of the fire fighters from Dallas and soon discovered that he had been killed by an unknown means.  They next headed to the field office that had some bone fragments which were recovered at the site of the explosion.  At first it was thought to have been another fatality, but in actual fact the fragments were recovered from an archaeological dig – the site where the alien was recovered.  When Scully confirmed that the same protein was present on the fossils that she had discovered during her autopsy, Mulder and Scully headed for Dallas.


Meanwhile, in London, a man known as ‘The Well Manicured Man’ arrived late, causing some disharmony among the Syndicate.  Strughold chaired the meeting as they discussed the alien gestation and decided to contact the alien colonists turning over what they have learned.  They also agreed that Mulders contact must be silenced for the good of the project.  The Well Manicured Man returned to America to end the problem with Kurtzwall while the Smoking Man headed to the Artic to oversee some business.


Mulder and Scully continued their investigation which lead them to the site of the alien’s recovery, except the area had been ploughed over and turned into a child’s playground.  The two agents stopped three boys who were cycling by and began asking them some questions about what had been going on in the area.  They managed to convince the boys to tell them the direction the men left in.  The chase led them to fields of corn crops which were growing in the middle of the desert.  The agents entered one of two large domes which resided nearby.  As they did so, Scully questioned Mulder about a loud hum which they could hear.  Moments later, slits on the ground opened releasing millions of bees.  Luckily, Mulder and Scully made it out without being stung, but when they reached the outside, black special ops helicopters were waiting for them.  Mulder and Scully scrambled through the corn crops, barely making it out alive.  Confused at what they had discovered, Scully headed back to Washington for her hearing and Mulder headed for a chat with Kurtzwall.


Mulder entered the bar where he usually meets Kurtzwall, but he was no where to be seen.  His next stop was Kurtzwalls home, where he discovered a police investigation was underway.  As he began examining some of Kurtzwalls books about the coming apocalypse, a policeman asked him what he was doing in a crime scene.  Mulder revealed he was FBI and asked the police about why Kurtzwall was being investigated.  The police explained the Kurtzwall had child pornography on his computer.  Unsure what to believe, Mulder left the building.  On his way out the door, he noticed someone moving away down the alley.  He followed him, discovering it was Kurtzwall who claimed he had been set up in order to end their meetings.  When Mulder questioned him about what was happening with the corn crops, Kurtzwall prompted Mulder to tell him what he thought.  Mulder believed they were using bees to carry pollen infected with a virus which would play a vital part in the alien colonisation.  Kurtzwall replied with “That would be my guess”  At that moment, Mulder believed he was being used to help Kurtzwall turn up some information for his books.


At Scully’s hearing, she was questioned about the events in Dallas.  When she explained that she was working with Agent Mulder to discover what happened based on new evidence they had recovered, things took a turn for the worse.  The X Files were closed and Scully was reassigned.  Scully headed to Mulder’s apartment to tell him the news.


After explaining what was going to happen, Mulder told Scully that he needed her as she kept him honest and she saved his life on many occasions.  As he did so, Scully grabbed her neck in pain and pulled a bee from her clothes.  Moments later, she collapsed.  The bee had been one of the ones they discovered in the desert with the corn crops.  Mulder immediately called 911, telling them that an Agent was down.  That telephone call was intercepted and men who worked for the Syndicate turned up, claiming to be paramedics.  The tied Scully down on a stretcher and shot Mulder leaving him for dead.  Moments after they left, the ambulance which Mulder had called for Scully arrived. 


The next day, Alvin Kurtzwall searched the bar for Mulder, and when he was unable to find him, headed out into the alley where they had first met.  As he left the area, The Well Manicured Man arrived, killing Kurtzwall as an associate disposed of the body.


Later that evening, Mulder awoke in a hospital bed to the faces of the three wise men, Frohike, Langly and Byers, playing with his charts.  As he got up out of his hospital bed, Skinner entered, explaining that Scully is missing and that his phone call must have been intercepted.  Mulder announced that he would find Scully no matter what.  Eager to help, the Gunmen asked what they could help.  Mulder’s response was to strip Byers naked – he needed his clothes.  Frohike and Langly left the room, and when they gave the word that the coast was clear, Mulder left the room wearing Byers outfit.  A man who had been suspiciously monitoring the room, peaked in to confirm that Mulder was still in the room.  He saw someone in Mulder’s bed and Skinner talking on his phone.


Mulder left the hospital as quick as possible, rushing to find Kurtzwall, hoping he could help.  He searched the bar and when he entered the alley way, he ran into the Well Manicured Man who had been wandering the area.  Instantly recognizing one and other, Mulder was offered a ride in the Well Manicured Man’s car.  He accepted.  In the car, The Well Manicured Man explained about the alien colonization, the conspiracy which men like Mulder’s father who had worked so hard to keep it secret and what happened to Scully.  The bee that stung her had been carrying a virus.  But not jut any virus, the Black Oil.  The bee was to be the courier for the alien colonization.  The black oil would spread, infecting people all over the world.  From within the infected would spring an alien entity, like the one which was studied in Dallas.  The Well Manicured Man produced what he called a “weak vaccine” which must be delivered to Scully as soon as possible if she was to survive.  Moments later, he asked his driver to stop.  When he did so, he shot the driver in the head, claiming that he had been ordered to kill him.  Just as he had been ordered to kill Mulder.  The Well Manicured Man left his car, allowing Mulder to leave and save Scully, but as the Well Manicured Man re-entered his car, it exploded.  There was no chance he could have survived.


Mulder travelled to the Arctic, where the co-ordinates given to him along with the vaccine said he would find Scully.  As he reached the area, he noticed some igloo shaped buildings which were being patrolled by armed men.  As he crept as close as possible, the ice below his feet gave way, and he plunged down into an ice cavern.  But this cavern was unlike any other n the world – this one was home to a UFO, the alien colonists craft.  He fell through a large pipe, into the craft and began his search for Scully.  What he found was millions of people taken throughout the ages who all had an alien entity gestating within them.  When he found Scully in one of the pods, he realized that Scully was among them.  But all was not lost – the alien had not yet formed.  She could be saved.  Mulder smashed open her pod, and administered the vaccine.  Moments later, the tubing which was carrying fluids in and out of her body decomposed, leaving her free of the space craft.  However, the process had killed her.  Mulder lay her down on the ground and began to administer CPR in hopes of reviving her.  As he did so, every alien onboard the ship awoke and began clawing through their host, and then through the ice. 


Meanwhile, in the igloo buildings, the readings on the computer screen suddenly went of the charts and alarms started blaring.  The facilities commander, The Cigarette Smoking Man ordered the facility abandoned.  He knew exactly what was going on!  “Mulder has the vaccine!”  The facility was abandoned as the ground beneath them began to crumble.


Inside the craft, Mulders efforts paid off as Scully took a sudden gasp of life, claiming “I had you big time.”  Mulder lifted Scully and they entered the pipes which brought Mulder into the craft, but as they did so, one of the alien entities burst free of its pod, and began the search for its prey.  As they scrambled to the surface, they discovered that the craft was now in motion, leaving the planet.  As they got closer to the surface, the craft knocked piles of snow down on top of them, blocking the path of the alien which was gaining on them.  After a long climb, they finally reached the surface.  But it wasn’t over yet.  The UFO that had began moving caused the snow to crumble beneath them, causing them to plunge below the surface once again.  Luckily, they landed on the UFO as it began is ascension.  They fell from it, landing in the snow.  As they gazed at the distance, they could see the alien craft leaving the planet.


Back in Washington, the hearing into the events continued.  Scully produced the bees which stung her, and was told in return that there were no corn crops of buildings to be found where they had previously encountered.  The panel was completely baffled about what had transpired.  Scully stated that the FBI doesn’t have an investigative unit capable of investigating the events and requested that she remain on the X Files with Agent Mulder.


The corn crops may have been obliterated from one location, but they weren’t the only ones in existence.  As Strughold wandered through the corn crops in Tunisia, the Smoking Man approached him with a telegram he received: X Files Reopened Stop Please Advise Stop



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