Special Agent Dana Scully


Dana Scully was raised on a Naval Base and from an early age she attended church along with her family.  While her sister was content to act like a lady, she was not.  She always wanted to fit in with her brother and his friends and be just like them.  One day when her brother got a gun of his own, he was out in the forest with his friends shooting at grass snakes.  Feeling left out, Dana decided she would have a shot or two, killing the snake.  Looking at the snake lying in the grass without movement, she was disgusted at what she had done and cried for hours.  Dana later enrolled in medical school where she graduated and then joined the FBI where her expertise in the medical field made her an asset.  She taught a variety of classes at the FBI, training raw recruits in the FBI way.  Scully had always been a strong believer in science: that which science could not explain doesn’t exist and that everything can be explained by science.  Because of this belief, she was the perfect agent to be paired with Special Agent Fox Mulder, an Agent who had been isolated from the main stream investigative work in order to solve what was known as The X Files: unsolved crimes, most of which involved paranormal activity.  Director Blevins believed that what Mulder needed was a partner who didn’t believe in the phenomena.  Someone who could bring a rational explanation to what Mulder had been facing.  Therefore, Scully was paired with Mulder in order to carry out this objective.  Interestingly however, the reason for Scully’s partnership with Mulder wasn’t for his well being, but to keep him away from the truth. 


During her time on the X Files, Scully encountered countless phenomena which she couldn’t identify.  The explanations defied science: alien abduction, genetic mutants and even creatures that time forgot.  But among the evil that she faced at Mulders side was a global conspiracy – a group of men who were preparing the way for alien colonisation.  But as she faced this, she grew closer to Mulder – they were no longer simply partners, they were friends.  About three years after they became partners, Mulder and Scully were investigating a man named Duane Barry, an abductee who claimed that he was being mutilated by extra terrestrials.  Over come with fear, Barry kidnapped Scully in order to give her to the aliens to replace himself so that he would no longer be taken.  He took her to a known UFO hot spot where she was abducted by aliens.  Mulder, who was hot on the trail arrived only moments too late, finding Barry starring at the sky in relief – he would never be abducted again.  Scully was missing for days, and when she was found, she was in a coma, not responding to any treatment.  From her bed side, she seemed o be dead.  But in her mind she was very much alive, re-living some of the key moments in her life and talking to her father.  But inside there was also someone else, a nurse who had been attending her, Nurse Owens.  When she awoke, Scully asked for Nurse Owens, but to her surprise, discovered that there is no such nurse.  The relief felt by Scully’s family was also felt by Mulder, who had blamed himself for what happened to her – it was his quest for the truth that had caused her abduction.  Mulder suggested that she should quit the FBI and fulfil her dream to become a medical doctor, where she would be safe.  Scully however had a different look on what had transpired: she was abducted, and she could continue her life until she knows what exactly happened to her. 


Scully once again joined Mulder in investigating the X Files, hoping for answers to the questions that she now asked.  During an investigation into The X Files, Scully was forced to accept a temporary suspension.  During her suspension, she was obligated to enter the FBI building via the main entrance, subjecting herself to metal detectors and main security.  When she passed through the detector, it beeped, signalling that she was concealing a metallic object.  The security guard attending, who was a friend of Scully’s waved the ‘wand’ over her and found no trace of a metal object and let her pass.  Later that day, she asked him to take the ‘wand’ over her again, and discovered that it beeped when run by the back of her neck.  Fearing the worst, she immediately headed to her doctor, who X Rayed her neck and discovered what appeared to be a piece of shrapnel, which he believed had simply entered Scully in the line of duty without her knowledge.  At her request, he removed the shrapnel only to find that it was unlike anything he had ever seen before – it showed characteristics similar to that of a microchip, except far more advanced than anything currently available.  Scully immediately showed it to her sister, who was a strong believer in phenomena of a paranormal nature.  She was shocked about the discovery and advised Dana to enter hypnotic therapy, in order to recover the memories which she had lost.  Being a sceptic, Scully rejected the idea, but her sister remained convinced that it was the key to unlocking everything.  Soon afterwards, an assassin was hired to kill Scully: she was getting too close to the truth and powerful people would do anything to keep her away.  One man however, a man known as the Well Manicured Man, believed that killing Scully would only draw attention.  He warned Scully that someone would be trying to kill her when she attended the funeral of William Mulder, Fox’s father.  He explained that there will be two ways: 1) Someone she knows well would do it un expectedly.  2) A man, possibly two, would wait till she is alone and do it without any warning.  Scully didn’t believe him.  That night, Scully spoke to her sister on the phone, telling her that she was a little startled by what he had told her.  Melissa being the person she is immediately headed over to Scully’s.  Moments later, Scully decided it was a bad idea and called Melissa, catching the answering machine.  She left a message stating that she is on her way over to her house and that she would watch for her on the way.  When she left the apartment building, Assistant Director Skinner showed up, ordering Scully to get in his car.  Reluctantly, Scully did so.  Skinner drove her to her sisters house, but as they left, Melissa arrived at Scullys.  As she entered her house, she was shot.  The assassins who had been waiting for Scully wiped off their fingerprints from the gun and left.  Not long after, Melissa died as a result of the injuries obtained from the gun shot.


After the death of her sister, Scully seemed to bury herself in her work.  One of the cases she investigated involved a man who re-attached his head after he had been decapitated.  As it turned out, the suspect, Leonard Betts, was riddled with cancer and actually needed it to survive.  He would stalk cancer patients, killing them and ingesting the cancer he removed from their body.  While hot on the trail, a fight between Scully and Betts started, and he began claiming that she has something he needs.  After defeating Betts, Scully went for a check up in hospital, where it was revealed that she had a brain tumour.  One which was inoperable because of where it was located.  Refusing to take time off, Scully returned to work when the unthinkable happened – Mulder had been killed after the discovery of an alien corpse.  Mulder had shot himself, or had he?  Unbeknownst to the FBI, Scully was lying to protect Mulder, who had infiltrated the DOD (Department Of Defence) in order to find a cure for Scully’s cancer, which had metastasised.  Scully had been brought in front of a panel in the FBI in order to explain why she lied about Agent Mulders location and why she had stated that the man lying dead in Mulders apartment, a man who worked for the DOD, was Agent Mulder.  The only way in which she would remain free of charges would be to name the insider in the FBI who was feeding information to an outside source.  At the panel, Scully was ready to name Assistant Director Skinner when she collapsed as a result of her cancer – she was dying.  When this happened, Mulder couldn’t stay away, and ran into Assistant Director Skinner in the hospital.  Mulder examined what he believed was cure – a tiny microchip similar to the one that gave her the cancer.  Director Blevins made Mulder the same offer he had made to Scully – name the insider and no charges will be brought to him.  Once the microchip was implanted in Scully, Mulder had hoped that it would heal her, however, there were no signs that it was doing anything of the kind.  Scully’s local minister stopped in to pray with her while Mulder attended the hearing.  At the panel, Skinner believed that Mulder would also name him, but as things heated up, Mulder named Blevins as the insider.  Afterwards, Mulder learned that Scully’s cancer had gone, but was this because of the microchip or was a divine hand involved?  About a year after Scully was cured of her cancer, Mulder’s office was set on fire by the Cigarette Smoking Man in order to shut Mulder and his investigations down.  His plan worked, The X Files were shut down, forcing Mulder and Scully to work on other down to earth cases.


One of these cases involved a bomb threat which had been called in for a building in DALLAS.  While other agents searched the building for a bomb, Mulder led Scully on a search in the surrounding buildings.  After calling off the hunt in one particular building, Mulder went for a drink, and discovered that there was a bomb in the vending machine and that the room door was sealed shut.  Cully called Agent Michau who was in charge of the hunt.  They freed Mulder and evacuated the building, but instead of defusing the bomb, Michau let it explode in his face.  Mulder instantly knew that he allowed the bomb to go off, in order to hide something in the building that no one wanted found.  A contact of Mulders told him that what was in the building was proof of the existence of alien life.  For in PLACE, a young boy was infected with a virus known as the Black Oil.  At the site, several fire fighters were also infected.  After studying the bodies, the bomb was to destroy the evidence.  Following his contacts advice, Mulder managed to track down the body of one of the other fire fighters who were at the event in PLACE which infected them with the alien virus.  It didn’t take long to discover that what killed him wasn’t by the explosion in Dallas.  They followed the trail which had been left and ended up in a cornfield situated in the middle of nowhere.  They entered one of two large domes hoping to discover what the purpose of the crops were.  However, not long after they entered, the floor slits opened, releasing swarms of killer bees, forcing Mulder and Scully to flee.  Once they exited the dome, they were chased by black Government helicopters.  While Mulder was sure there was something about aliens involved, Scully didn’t know what to think.  At her hearing into the deaths at Dallas, she was told that she was to be transferred from Agent Mulder.  Unwilling to lose her, Mulder told her that she had kept him honest, and that it was her scientific approach to thing as which had kept him alive on countless occasions.  In the years they had worked together, they had become more than simply partners or colleagues, they were close friends.  As they drew closer, Mulder and Scully were about to kiss when a bee which had slipped under her jacket collar stung her.  As a result of the alien virus the bees were carrying, Scully collapsed.  Mulder called 911, but his call was intercepted.  The ambulance that arrived wasn’t from the emergency services.  Scully was taken into the custody of the men who were pulling the strings within the FBI.  Questioning the ambulance driver before it left with Scully, Mulder was anxious to learn what hospital she was going to.  However, the driver shot him, leaving him for dead.  Moments later, the real ambulance turned up, taking Mulder to the hospital.  Mulder fled the hospital, trying to find his contact, but instead her stumbled upon the Well Manicured Man, who had taken out Kurtzwall, Mulders contact.  Instead of killing Mulder, the Well Manicured Man gave him directions on how to find Scully and a vaccine to the alien virus which she had been infected with.  Following the directions, Mulder ended up in Ant-Artic, where he discovered an alien space craft filled with humans infected with the alien virus who were all growing an alien organism within them.  Mulder gave the vaccine to Scully, freeing her from the craft.  As they scrambled to safety, the aliens within the rest of the people on board the craft sprung to life, clawing themselves free from the alien cocoons.  It was a race against time to escape.  Together, they made it to safety as the craft took off, leaving the planet.  After carrying Scully from the craft, Mulder fell into unconsciousness, forcing Scully to carry the man she loves back to civilisation. 


For seven years, The X Files had not only been a joke in the FBI, it had been a thorn in its side.  A drain on the budget.  Looking at FBI documents, The X Files was drawing on more money than any other FBI department.  As a result of budget cuts, The X Files was given an audit, to see if what was being investigated justified the money being spent.  Scully had told the auditor that what The X Files did was open doors which lead to other doors.  In her time with Mulder, she had seen things which she could not deny.  She had been abducted herself, given a disease and as a result of the experiments performed on her she was left unable to conceive.  After a series of interviews, Mulder assaulted the auditor and returned to his office where he met Scully who had considered doing the same thing.  Moments after he arrived, the phone rang.  Billy Miles, a boy who had experienced some problems with alien abduction seven years ago, Mulder and Scully’s first case, was needing help again.  It appeared that the abduction phenomena was happening again, only this time, to others in his home town in Oregon.  The two agents headed for Oregon with the idea of wasting some FBI money.  When they arrived, they were greeted by Billy who explained that a UFO had collided with a military plane and had crashed.  Several times while investigating, Scully felt ill and dizzy.  That night when they went to the motel, Scully was feeling so ill, she had to share a bed with Mulder to ensure she would be okay.  She was suffering from dizziness and chills.  As the abductions continues, Billy went missing along with several other members of the community.  When Billy vanished, the investigation was over.  The agents returned to the FBI building two days later, when Skinner arrived at Mulders office with two old friends – Marita Caubarubioius and Alex Krychek.  They explained that in Oregon a UFO had indeed crashed and the Cigarette Smoking Man wanted it found in order to restart the project all over again.  Together, Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Krychek, Marita and the Lone Gunmen examined the evidence and managed to locate the UFO.  Mulder and Skinner left for Oregon, while Marita and Alex took care of the Smoking Man, throwing him down stairs and leaving him for dead.  Scully remained with the FBI building with the Gunmen in order to help with the data they had discovered.  Mulder didn’t want Scully in Oregon as all those in Oregon who had previously been abducted were once again being taken away, with little chance of being returned.  He didn’t want Scully to be taken.  Not long after he left, Scully realised that she was in no danger, but Mulder was as he had experienced a period of heightened brain activity.  Moments later, Scully collapsed, luckily, the Gunmen were around to catch her.  In Oregon, Mulder was abducted by the alien Bounty Hunter who was behind the other disappearances.  When Skinner returned to Washington, he found cully in the hospital – she was pregnant.


Scully entered the office only to discover a swarm of agents emptying the drawers and files.  When Scully asked what was going on, she was told that they were removing files which may be of use during the man hunt for Agent Mulder.  The search was organised by Deputy Director Kersh, who is strongly opposed to the X Files.  He order Scully to give her statement to Special Agent John Doggett who was the head of the operation.  He also stated that if anything relating to alien abduction left the building then both Agent Scully and Assistant Director Skinner would be looking for a new job.  She knew that Kersh wasn’t interested in the truth, he was “covering the FBI’s ass”.  Before entering the room where the hunt was being planned, Scully warned Skinner against telling them the truth about Mulder’s abduction as Mulder needed Skinner.  While Agent Crane was taking a statement from Skinner, Scully was sitting at the wall when a man approached her offering some water.  He told Scully that he knew Mulder a little bit back when he was in Violent Crimes before Mulder gained the reputation as spooky.  He didn’t believe that Agents really knew their partners, not who they really were anyway.  He told Scully that Mulder never really trusted her – he thought she was too ambitious.  She didn’t understand where rumours like that were coming from.  He also told Scully that there were women within the FBI which Mulder would ‘confide’ matters like that in.  He then asked Scully about what her theory was, and she told him that he never knew Mulder at all.  She turned over his badge revealing his identity as John Doggett, the leader of the task force.  Taking the water which he had given her, she threw it in his face, leaving the room.  At home that night, Scully ran a search in the FBI database on Special Agent Doggett.  Being so distressed about the loss of her partner, Scully was sick and then called her mother to tell her about her pregnancy.  She left a message on the answer machine telling her that she really needs to talk with her.  Moments later, the phone cut her off.  As she hung up the phone, she noticed a man outside in the street watching her apartment window – John Doggett.  Immediately, she called him, and he had no idea what she was talking about.  She demanded that he better have a court order to tap her phone and to be monitoring her.  He continued to claim his innocence.  As she hung up, she noticed someone’s shadow outside her apartment.  She grabbed her gun and went after them.  She discovered someone climbing down the fire escape.  She pointed her gun at him, ordering him to climb through the window.  He did so.  It was her land lord who was out fixing the antenna on the roof.  Scully apologised, asking him if he had seen a man walking about the apartment building.  The land lord told her that he had seen Agent Mulder.  She rushed back to her apartment, hoping to find Mulder but instead, her laptop was gone.  Seeking some answers, she headed to Mulders apartment, where she found that his computer was also missing.  Scully woke up in Mulders bed, with Agent Doggett watching over her.  Shocked at seeing him there, she claimed that she came by to feed his fish.  Doggett began talking in circles, which Scully believed was an attempt to get her to say Mulder was abducted by aliens.  Doggett then asked her if she had ever seen an alien.  While Scully did not state that she had in fact seen an alien, she said that she had seen things which she could not explain.  Scully then asked him what he was really wanting, Doggett showed her some visa receipts all for car rentals with the same mileage.  He wanted to know where he was going, and when Scully didn’t know where he was going, he told her that perhaps she didn’t know him as well as she thought.  Later that day, Skinner was questioned about the removal of files from the FBI which involved Agent Mulders pass card.  As he was questioned, Scully protested, telling Agent Doggett that Skinner was telling the truth and that Mulder wasn’t in the building.  Doggett believed that Mulder was around as he had discovered another receipt for flowers which were sent to mortuary in North Carolina.  Scully explained that his mother was buried there and that that was the reason her would be visiting every weekend.  However, Doggett refused to believe this, especially when a package was brought in containing a tombstone with Mulder’s name engraved on it.  That evening, as Scully sat gazing at the tombstone, Skinner told her that nothing was making any sense when Doggett came over, claiming that he had found something.  Apparently, Mulder’s medical condition over the past year was deteriorating.  His condition had been deteriorating since his contact with the alien artefact which was discovered in Africa.  Doggett suggested that Mulder had taken one last chance to prove that aliens exist before he died.  Skinner was disgusted at the idea and continued to claim that he saw a UFO abduct Mulder.  Scully quickly realised what Skinner had said and requested that Doggett doesn’t report what he had just said.  Skinner then had a meeting with at Scully’s apartment with her and the Lone Gunmen where he showed her UFO activity since his abduction.  He believed that if Mulder was on the space craft, then he would be right over the Arizona desert.  Langly suggested that perhaps the aliens are looking for their next abductee.  Scully suddenly realised that the aliens were removing evidence of their existence before it becomes proof.  Mulder hadn’t been removing the computers, it was them.  And their next evidence was in the form of a boy – Gibson Praise, who Mulder believed had active alien genes.  Scully and Skinner then headed to Arizona in hopes of finding Gibson.  According to a map of the area, the place where the UFO was spotted in had virtually nothing in all directions.  At a service station, Skinner discovered that there was a school nearby which Gibson may be attending.  As Doggett landed, Scully and Skinner arrived at the school.  Doggett entered the building, and the principle told him that Gibson was in his office.  Doggett rushed in only to discover that he had left through the window.  He rushed back out of the office and discovered Scully and Skinner on the scene.  As the task force arrived, they began searching for Mulder, who Doggett believed he found.  Skinner questioned Doggett on what had happened, Doggett explained that it would be impossible for a man to fall from a cliff the size of the one Doggett said he did and walk away.  Doggett then showed Skinner a set of track leading into the middle of the desert.  Scully knew exactly what had happened – the Alien Bounty Hunter.  When Doggett left in disbelief, Scully asked him to explain what really happened to her.  When they reached the school, Skinner spotted a young girl leaving and someone following him.  Skinner dealt with whoever it was that was following them while Scully went after the girl.  She followed her to the middle of the Arizona desert where she discovered Gibson Praise hiding underground.  Scully managed to convince Gibson that she will try to protect him and made him a splint for his leg which was hurt when he ran from the Bounty Hunter.  That night when she arrived back at the school, she found Skinner and Doggett on the radio with an agent who said he was with Scully in the dorm room.  She immediately knew what was going on – the Bounty Hunter had assumed her identity.  He attacked the agent who was with her just as the real Scully burst in the door, chasing the Bounty Hunter.  Unfortunately, the Bounty Hunter eluded her grasp taking the form of Agent Crane.  She knew that whoever the Bounty Hunter was now was in the dorm room.  As the agent whom the Bounty Hunter attacked was carried into an ambulance, Scully got in her car causing Skinner to rush over.  He ordered her out of the car, and as she did so, she pointed her weapon at him.  Skinner instantly pulled his own weapon on her.  She believed he was the Bounty Hunter and visa versa.  Skinner took a gamble and lowered his weapon, telling her that he knows her secret which no one else knows – her pregnancy.  Scully demanded that he tells her, as that would prove that he is in fact Skinner.  He turned around, and as she got closer, Skinner spun around, taking her gun from her – he doesn’t like pointing guns at pregnant woman any more than he likes them pointing guns at him.  He handed her gun back telling her that its gone too far, but Scully believed the opposite – it hasn’t gone far enough.  .  Skinner tried to explain that she had told him that Mulder didn’t want him to ruin his career for him, but Scully was ruining hers even as they spoke.  She told him she cant take the chance that she’ll never see him again and that Gibson was their best chance at getting Mulder back.  Reluctantly, Skinner agreed and they headed out to Gibson’s location together.  But when they arrived, Gibson was gone.  After looking around, the found him staring at the sky, claiming he could hear Mulders thoughts and that he was in the desert.  Skinner then lifted Gibson and took him to the hospital to get proper treatment for his leg while Scully stayed in the desert, hoping to find Mulder.  When Skinner left, she wandered the desert, calling Mulder’s name.  As she was about to give up and turn back, she saw what she thought was a UFO, but instead it was a helicopter carrying John Doggett.  He told her that she seemed to be where the action is, and Scully asked him if that means she’s crazy or she’s right.  Doggett refused to answer.  She told him that he’s afraid she’s right.  Doggett tried to get Scully to understand that Gibson would be safe in the hospital as he sent his men to guard him, but what he had really done is tell the Bounty Hunter where Gibson is.  They both left in the helicopter for the hospital.  Once their, Doggett’s guards explained that no one would get past them and no one has.  When Scully and Doggett got to his room, it was empty.  Scully thought she had found Skinner, but she had actually came across the Bounty Hunter who had taken the form of Skinner and who had Gibson Praise.  As she entered the room, she spotted Gibson’s reflection who was telling her not to trust him.  When the Bounty Hunter knew she was on to him he attacked her.  As Gibson ran, the Bounty Hunter went after him, and Scully shot him in the base of the neck, killing him once and for all.  After a meeting with Kersh, Doggett went visiting Scully in hospital - she asked him what he was doing.  It was at that moment he told her he was officially assigned to The X Files as her new partner.


When a boy from Oregon, Richie, discovered the body of Teresa Hosie, who had been abducted the night before Agent Mulder, Skinner headed out to the hospital she had been taken to along with Agent Doggett and Scully.  While investigating her case, Scully feared that they would also find Mulder in this condition: dying with nothing they can do about it.  Later that night, she knocks on Skinners door, needing some company.  She tells Skinner that if Mulder is dead, he isn’t gone as Mulder believed in Starlight.  The light which is seen in the night sky is always travelling.  Many of the stars we can see have already been extinguished, but the light is only just reaching our world, and it will continue through the universe.  Mulder believed that that’s where our souls live after our bodies are gone.  While this was going on, the Doctor attending Teresa mysteriously had her transferred to another ‘facility’.  But there was no record of what facility she had been transferred to.  Scully and Doggett confronted the Doctor, only to discover that he wasn’t in the hospital at the time of the transfer.  By this time Doggett believed that it was a UFO/Abduction Cult which they were dealing with and that if they could find Teresa, they could find Mulder.  Doggett decided they needed some expertise, so he contacted a friend of his, Agent Monica Rayes, who was a specialist in ritualistic crime.  Scully, instantly believed that the meeting with Rayes was a waste of time as she was the only one who knew how to find Mulder.  That night when Rayes was driving to her motel room, she spotted a bright light in the sky.  Fearing it was a UFO, Rayes pulled over, seeing it land in the same field which Teresa Hosie was discovered.  As she runs over the hill, she spots two men, lifting a body from the ground and placing it on a truck.  When the men spot Rayes coming after them, they get in the truck and leave as fast as possible.  But when Rayes gets to where she saw them, she discovers another body – the body of Gary Edward Cory!  Richie confirms that it was Gary’s corpse which was discovered, and when Scully begins that autopsy, she begins to cry, believing that this is the condition in which Mulder will be found.  Outside, Rayes confronted Doggett and showed him a picture of a man who calls himself Absolom, who predicted that aliens would invade at the millennium.  He was one of the men Rayes had spotted when she found Gary’s body.  He was running a compound where all the abductees could supposedly live in safety.  At Absoloms compound, the FBI had a raid, discovering Teresa Hosie alive and well, cured of all illness.  Scully was shocked at the discovery and noticed that there were cameras everywhere. Rayes viewed some of the camera footage, and noticed that an old man walked behind someone, but when he walked back into the camera’s view, it was John Doggett.  But when Scully had a look at the footage, she recognised the man as Jeremiah Smith, a clone who had the ability to heal people.  Scully immediately headed to the room where they were holding people who were inside the compound building.  When she did, she was drawn towards a man.  She took him for questioning, accusing him to be Jeremiah.  Rayes looked at her sceptically, but the instant she left the room, he revealed his true identity to Scully.  He claimed that she was putting him at risk.  Moments later, he returned to his other identity as Rayes entered – they’d found Mulder.  She led Scully to clearing in the woods where a group of FBI agents had found Mulder’s body.  Unable to believe what she had discovered, Scully ran back to the building hoping that Jeremiah could help him somehow, but as she approached, a UFO hovered over the complex and Jeremiah vanished.  There was no hope for Mulder.


Months later after Mulders funeral, Billy Miles, a boy who was abducted along with Mulder was discovered floating in the ocean.  After a medical examination, it appeared as if her had been in the water for several weeks.  But as the medical examiner prepared for an autopsy, he noticed that Billy was breathing.  This offered new hope for Mulder.  Skinner and Doggett believed that just like Billy, Mulder was alive and well.  Mulders body was dug up and to their surprise, he was breathing.  In the hospital, Billy Miles had a kind of seizure, and on the monitor, Scully noticed two heartbeats.  Believing it was an equipment malfunction, she didn’t give it a second thought until Billy shed his skin, becoming a new person.  An alien.  Billy eluded capture, vanishing into the night.  In the FBI building, Skinner collapsed as a result of the SR819 virus in his system which had been controlled by Alex Krychek.  Krychek told Skinner to kill Scully’s child and if he did so, he would hand over a cure for Mulder.  Unwilling to make such a sacrifice, Skinner unplugged Mulder from life support, intending to end his life and save Scully’s child, but as he did so, Doggett entered, and forced Skinner to tell him what he was doing.  Doggett attempted to track down Krychek and Mulder was taken into an operating room.  Mysteriously, when Mulder was unplugged from life support, his life signs remained the same while his temperature dropped – the virus which was turning him into an alien was being incubated by the life support machine and Skinner had actually saved his life.  Using antiviral’s, Scully was able to flush out the virus from his system.  Not long afterwards, Mulder regained consciousness in the hospital, awaking to find Scully by his side.


When Scully went on maternity leave, her mother hired a baby nurse to help her through the final stages of her pregnancy.  However, Lizzie, the baby nurse was swapping the medication which Scully had been given by her doctor.  At the same time, Zeus Genetics, a company which Scully had believed were experimenting with alien babies in human mothers was burned to the ground in what was described as a definite case of arson.  Billy Miles was covering up all evidence of alien babies.  While investigating Dr Parenti, a co-founder of Zeus Genetics, Mulder and Doggett were both attacked by Billy, who was shot several times, but seemed to feel no pain.  Mulder explained that what Billy was was a new type of alien – a human replacement.  Doggett as always chose the more ‘down to earth’ explanation, that Billy was using a variety of different drugs and chemicals.  The next day, Doggett, Mulder and Skinner investigated a crime scene involving a man named Duffy Hascal, who had previously come to the X Files for help after Government agents killed his wife as she gave birth to an alien baby.  Hadcal’s head had been cut off in a way unlike any weapon known.  Mulder demanded to know what was so important about Hascal – why was he in the illegal medical facility which was devoted to human cloning.  Skinner explained that what he had discovered records in the facility about Scully – Hascal was monitoring her pregnancy.  When Mulder called Scully, she was in the shower.  When Lizzie failed to answer the phone, Scully was forced to do so.  The second Mulder mentioned interference, Scully knew that Lizzie’s failure to answer the phone wasn’t a coincidence.  When she caught Lizzie swapping her medication she demanded an explanation, but Lizzie was too shocked about being caught to say anything.  Immediately, Scully went to see her doctor, he informed her that the pills Lizzie had swapped were only vitamins.  Back in the FBI building, Skinner, Mulder, Doggett and Skinner all questioned Lizzie about what was going on.  She spoke of cloning which had been taking place since the fifties, when alien DNA was recovered from the Roswell 1947 crash.  Apparently, there was great success using a human egg with alien genetics, creating alien babies which only lived a few days until more DNA could be taken from them for more experiments.  Mulder feared that Scully’s baby may be extra-terrestrial, but Lizzie attempted to explain that her child was very special and completely human – more human than human.  For Scully’s child was a miracle, a child with no human frailties.  As Mulder left the building, Agent Crane entered, telling Doggett that they received a call from Billy Miles who was going to give himself up at Doctor Parenti’s office.  However, when Doggett and Crane arrived, Billy was nowhere to be found.  Doggett knew something was wrong and called Mulder to headed over to Scully’s.  He told her to pack a bag and leave, but Scully refused – she had given so much to the X Files, and if she ran, she would be an unending X File.  As Mulder tried to convince her, the lights went out – Billy was in the building.  Mulder grabbed Scully’s hand and ran, narrowly escaping Billy in the corridor.  As they got into the car and tried to leave, Billy came towards them.  Scully locked the doors while Mulder tried to starts the car, without any success.  As Billy drew closer, stepping onto the road, a car which had been nearby started up, knocking Billy down.  Both Mulder and Scully looked at the car expecting to see either Doggett or Skinner driving, but instead found Alex Krychek.  They hoped in the car and headed to the safety of the FBI building.  Once there, Alex explained that what Billy Miles was – an alien replicant sent to knock out all resistance in the final days when the colonisation commences.  Scully knew what he wanted – her baby.  The question was why?  Alex said they were afraid of its implications.  Mulder had to get Scully and his son to safety.  Doggett called Monica Rayes for help, who was on her way back from the airport.  She arrived at the FBI building, where and got in her car, ready to takes Scully to safety while Mulder and Doggett deal with the replicant.  As Mulder and Skinner brought Scully out of the elevator, Billy arrived, forcing them back upstairs.  Mulder gave Scully to Krychek, telling him to get her downstairs.  Alex did so, while Billy Miles followed Mulder and Skinner to the roof, where he was thrown into a garbage truck.  Monica and Scully headed to a secret location known only to John Doggett.  On the road, Monica was a little nervous – where they were going had no facility and she had never delivered a baby before.  Scully tried to comfort her by telling her that it was okay – she had never had one before.  Once they had chosen a spot to deliver the baby, Monica cleaned it thoroughly, when she spotted someone moving outside.  She grabbed her gun rushing out, only to discover that it was a law enforcement officer.  She agreed to help them only because the were FBI Agents.  As Monica was gathering water, Billy Miles who had re-assembled himself turned up, attacking Rayes.  He would have killed her if it hadn’t been for the law enforcement officer, who shot him with her shotgun.  She told Rayes and Scully that the attack had to be reported, just as Scully went into labour.  As she was giving birth, Monica noticed some bumps on the back of the law enforcement officers neck – she was a replicant.  She attacked her, throwing her out of the building as she spotted dozens of them arriving and Billy Miles standing up.  They entered the building and watched as Scully gave birth to a healthy baby boy, named William after his grandfather, William Mulder. 


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