Special Agent Fox Mulder


Fox Mulder graduated top of his class at Oxford University and went on to begin what would have been a prosperous career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  At the FBI Academy, he also graduated top of his class.  However, this wasn’t out of any desire to succeed in life, for when Mulder was but a boy, his sister Samantha was abducted by aliens from their home.  His attention to detail and success came about by the desire to get Sam out of his mind.  His work was the only thing that allowed that.  His fascination into the paranormal increased, after he came across what was known as The X Files – the FBI’s unsolved cases, many of which included incidents of a paranormal nature, such as aliens.  When he discovered The X Files it just seemed like kismet – he hoped that what he investigated may help him solve the mystery of his sisters abduction.


While working on The X Files cases, Mulder was assigned a partner, Dana Scully, to assist him in his investigations.  For years, Mulder believed that Scully’s placement as his partner had been a set up – that powerful men in the Government had pulled political strings, and advised people high in the FBI, to add Scully to The X Files investigative unit.  Being a sceptic, Scully seemed to debunk Agent Mulders work, hindering his efforts to explain the unexplained.


Scully seemed to offer an explanation for some of the strangest and mysterious of cases, and attempted to discover what happened to Agent Mulders sister.  When a serial killer who murdered several little girls, John Lee Roach, claimed to have taken Mulders sister, Scully assisted Mulder by continually checking on him.  Roach seemed to be manipulating Mulder, who believed that during his work as a psychological profiler, he had managed to enter Roach’s mind forming a connection.  Roach also felt this connection, being able to view Mulder’s memories through his dreams.  Using his knowledge of Mulder, he managed to stage his escape.  Mulder knew that this man would not simply be content to simply walk free, he would kill again.  Knowing the pain which would be inflicted on the families, Mulder did not rest until NAME had been silenced.  A young girl went missing, but luckily, Mulder managed to track them down, saving the little girl by killing Roach.  However, part of Mulder had believed that John Lee Roach had killed Samantha, as it would have allowed him to rest, but the other half was thankful, as it gave him hope that he would see her once again.


When Mulder received a call from Assistant Director Skinner, telling him of a family emergency, Mulder rushed to the home of his father, where he met his mother who had also been contacted and with his sister Samantha.  Mulder was shocked to learn that she had been returned to Earth almost immediately after her abduction, where she was raised by a family.  She said that she was aware they weren’t her real parents but had no memories of her real father, mother or Mulder.  Mulder was overjoyed about being with his sister again, but he was also suspicious about her mysterious return.  She came to Mulder needing help.  Help in hiding from a man - an alien bounty hunter.  What she didn’t tell her ‘brother’ was that she was a clone, a duplicate of the real Samantha, and she had no idea where Mulders sister was.  But these clones were created from Samantha weren’t entirely human – they were made with alien genetics and bled green blood, from which toxic fumes could kill in minutes.  The Samantha clone was killed when she fell from a bridge, plummeting her into a river.  But that was not the last time Mulder encountered a clone of his sister.  When his mother had a stroke, he went in search of a man named Jeremiah Smith, who was being hunted down by a familiar man – the alien bounty hunter.  For Jeremiah Smith was one of hundreds of Jeremiah Smiths all over the world.  The clones had the ability to heal, and Mulder believed that his mothers only chance of survival was if he could get Jeremiah to place his hand on his mother, and heal her, in the same way he had healed victims of a shooting.  Jeremiah and Mulder headed to a place where Jeremiah said was where the clones began.  The travelled to a small village, where he discovered Samantha was everywhere, along with a great deal of others. Except these Samantha’s were all eight years old and could not talk – they were workers.  Jeremiah attempted to explain that there was a huge conspiracy in place, which Mulder was already sure of.  This conspiracy involved the use of alien genetic material to create perfect human beings – a new race which would become a slave race when the alien colonists came to retake the planet.  The bounty hunter claimed that he was only telling Mulder pieces of a much larger puzzle.  He asked why Mulder was helping a man who was telling him only what would help him survive.  Mulder explained that he was the only hope of his mothers survival.  In order to escape from the bounty hunter, they hid in a hive filled with killer bees which had been created to carry the pollen infected with the alien virus.  As the bees attacked the bounty hunter, Mulder and Jeremiah escaped along with a clone of his sister.  However, the bounty hunter caught up with them, killing Jeremiah Smith and his sister clone.  As Mulder was about to give up hope, he received word that his mother had made an unexplainable recovery.  What Mulder did not know was that the Alien Bounty Hunter also possessed the ability to heal, and he did so at the request of the Cigarette Smoking Man, an old friend of his fathers and one of the key architects in creating the conspiracy which Mulder was determined to expose. 


During a hostage situation, Agent Mulder was called in to assist as a result of his psychological profiling and the fact that the perpetrator was claiming aliens were after him.  Mulders experience in unexplainable phenomena made him the perfect choice.  The man involved, Duane Barry, had been abducted several times, and in therapy, described horrific procedures which were performed on him.  Mulder sympathised with Duane Barry and managed to lure him towards the door, where FBI snipers incapacitated him, allowing the hostages to go free.  During his treatment in hospital, doctors discovered metallic implants in Barry – microchips implanted by aliens to track Barry’s movements and thoughts.  The only way in which Barry would be able to live a normal life again would be to bring a replacement to Sky Line Mountain, where the aliens would abduct them.  Barry chose his replacement – Special Agent Dana Scully.  Barry managed to kidnap Scully, taking her to Sky line Mountain where she was abducted by aliens.  The hunt was on as Mulder began a quest to discover what happened to his partner.  Not long afterwards, Scully was returned in a coma.  Watching over her were her mother, her sister Melissa and Mulder.  When Scully regained consciousness, Mulder was relieved and explained that if she wanted to leave The X Files, and go on to have a career as a medical doctor, which he knew she could do, he would understand completely.  The X Files was too dangerous for her and Mulder cared for her too much for something to happen to her.  Scully rejected his offer and returned to work on The X Files, claiming that she had to know what had happened to her.  Later, while investigating a case involving what was believed to be an alien corpse, Scully was put on temporary suspension, forcing her to use the main entrance of the FBI building, entering through a secure checkpoint and passing through metal detectors.  While passing through the scanner, she tested positive for carrying a metal object at the base of the neck.  Unsettled at her discovery, she had it removed, believing it was simply a piece of shrapnel which had entered her body in the line of duty.  However, what the doctor discovered was far more unsettling than a piece of splintered metal, he discovered a microchip, which could not be explained.  Mulder was also unsettled at the discovery, but could not explain the purpose of the chip.  About a year later, while investigating a being who fed on cancer, Scully discovered that she herself had a brain tumour which was inoperable.  Mulder believed that this cancer came as a result of the removal of the chip and that he was responsible.  In order to save the life of his most valued friend, Mulder had to infiltrate the Department of Defence with the hopes of discovering a cure for her disease.  In the DOD, Mulder discovered an antiquated filing system, which led to thousands of boxes, each containing vials of a liquid, which was home to a microchip, similar to the one which Scully had removed.  When this chip was inserted into Scully, in the same position of the previous one, Scully was cured.


Mulder not only held a reputation for being spooky, he also held one for being a seeker of truth.  It was this reputation which led to him Mulder being contacted by an employee of Majestic 12, who worked in Area 51 with what was believed to be alien technology.  Under the supervision of Assistant Director Kersh, Mulder and Scully were forced to go to the co-ordinates supplied by the contact in secret, so as not to alert Kersh that they were pursuing an X File.  While driving down a road in the middle of Nevada, they were stopped by a convoy of Military Vehicles, were there leader of the group, Morris Fletcher, ordered them to go back.  Just as they were about to comply, a UFO appeared over head, proving that everything Mulder had believed was true.  Moments later, there was an explosion on the craft, leading a wave which rushed over the convoy, and Mulder and Scully.  This wave, resulted in Mulder switching bodies with Morris Fletcher.  Scully was completely unaware that the transfer had taken place, Mulder was too shocked to do or say anything and Morris Fletcher was just glad to get out of his own life.  Mulder immediately knew what this would mean for him - his chance to find tangible evidence that aliens exist and of a conspiracy within the American Government to use this technology for their own advantage.  Using his wits alone, Mulder was successful in fooling Morris’ colleagues that he was Morris Fletcher.  However, when it came to Fletcher’s wife and children, things were a little different.  The children hated their father, as did his wife.  During the time that Mulder attempted to find evidence, Scully was beginning to notice that something was wrong with Mulder, especially when he was contacted by the insider within Majestic and notified Kersh.  Mulder managed to locate the flight recorder from the UFO which exploded, causing a rip in the space-time continuum.  But when he called Scully, she was forced by Kersh to set him up, ending in his arrest.  However, Mulder didn’t stay locked up for long - the flight recorder he had was the wrong one, leading those at Majestic to believe that Morris was attempting to flush out the mole.  Unbeknownst to them all, the mole was in fact the director of Majestic.  Not long afterwards, when Scully discovered that the body switch had taken place, she arranged to retrieve the real recorder from the mole, but inside, Mulder encountered Morris Fletcher and the mole, leading to Scully getting away with the recorder, and taking it to the Lone Gunmen, where they discovered there was no way to return Mulder to his proper body - the process was completely random.  Just as Scully said goodbye to Mulder for the last time, they were rounded up by Majestic, and returned to the spot where the body switch initially took place.  The event which had caused them to swap bodies in the first places was springing back like a rubber band, undoing everything it had done.  As the wave once again came over them, Mulder was returned to his body, as was Morris Fletcher, and all their memories of the event were erased.


When a piece of an alien spacecraft discovered in Africa was brought to America, Mulder began experiencing a sudden blur of perception.  A rubbing of the fragment which went missing after the courier of the piece was killed seemed to be the cause, forcing Mulder slowly into illness.  The same rubbing also clarified Mulder perceptions at the same time, allowing him to read minds of those close to him, including Assistant Director Skinner.  Mulder knew that Alex Krychek was working on the case too, and that Skinner was lying about it.  Mulders condition deteriorated, leading to a coma like state, in which he could barely move.  What the artefact had done was unlock his brain, but it was too powerful for his body to sustain.  Briefly, Mulder came out of the coma when Skinner and Michael Kritsgau injected him with a substance which slowed down what was happening to his brain.  Michael performed a test on Mulder, using a technique developed by Intelligence for soldiers who had this artificially induced in them in order to combat the enemy.  But what he discovered was the Mulder’s brain was moving at 25 times that of the best success.  It did not last and Mulder slipped back into a coma, and Skinner and Michael were forbidden to see him because of the injection they gave him.  While he was alone, Mulder was visited by Special Agent Diana Fowly who told him she loved him and by The Cigarette Smoking Man who claimed to be his father.  With the help of Fowly, The Cigarette Smoking Man was able to move Mulder to what was once a Syndicate facility, where the employees were still dedicated to the work.  An operation took place, in which brain cells were taken from Mulder, and surgically grafted onto the brain of the Smoking Man, for Mulders experience left him immune to the Black Oil and the Alien Colonisation - Mulder could resist them.  As Scully frantically tried to learn the location of the facility, she almost lost hope, but luckily, Diana Fowly began having second thoughts - could she be a part of killing the man she loved??  Fowly gave Scully her maximum level key card with the location of the facility.  When she arrived, she found Mulder, and took him to safety.  The operation which took place left Mulder as he was before, but the cells in the Smoking Man were rejected, causing a disease which would slowly begun killing him.  A week later, Special Agent Fowly was found dead - payback for saving Mulder.


In all the time that Mulder spent investigating the paranormal, the one thing he wanted more than anything in the world continued to evade him - his sister, Samantha.  Samantha was the reason he began his investigations in the first place, and she was the reason he continued to investigate.  When a little girl named Amberlin went missing, the only evidence recovered being a note signed No One Shoots At Santa Clause! which was written by her mother when she entered a trance.  Mulder requested the case, and Skinner reluctantly gave it to him.  Mulder had made this case personal.  The same phrase, No One Shoots At Santa Clause! appeared in an X File dating back to 1987.  After questioning the victims mother, a woman who pled innocent to the murder of her son and was convicted, later claiming she had a mental breakdown and confessed.  Mulder did not believe she had killed her son - he was sure what she had experienced was the same thing which the parents of Amberlin had - he father had a vision of Amberlin dead before she vanished.  While he investigated what had happened to Amberlin, Mulders mother had asked to speak with him as soon as possible, but then killed herself - she had been diagnosed with a deforming disease, and did not want to live with the condition.  Mulder was immediately suspicious, believing it to be a professional hit, and that she knew something about the disappearance of Amberlin and Samantha.  Not long afterward, Mrs LaPierre, Amberlin’s mother had a vision, in which she saw the ghost of her daughter trying to talk to her.  The woman in prison claimed she saw the same thing with her son.  At this point, Mulder had come to the conclusion that Amberlin was dead and that her mother was having delusions, so he asked for time off, which Skinner granted.  While heading home, Scully noticed a sign beside the road advertising Santa’s Village, and they changed direction.  At the village, they encountered a man, who had kidnapped and then killed several children.  After a pursuit ending in the arrest of the man, Mulder, Skinner and Scully discovered a grave site of all his victims.  An FBI recovery team was called in to analyse the bodies, and identify them.  Mulder believed that the fate these children experienced were too cruel for a God to allow, and wondered if his sister was among the victims.  After questioning the suspect who worked at Santa’s village, Ed Truelove admitted to 24 murders, but not of Amberlin or Sam.  At this point, Mulder had hoped that Sam was among the dead - he wanted the whole thing to be over.  Soon after, a man named Harold Pillar, a police psychic approached Mulder and Scully, telling him that he can hep find Amberlin.  Instantly, Scully assumed Harold was crazy, but Mulder reluctantly allowed him to help.  While visiting the graves of Truelove’s victims, Harold picked up vibes from Mulder - he had a personal connection.  Harold believed what had happened to Amberlin was a form of divine intervention, in which children are taken to avoid the pain and suffering which they would endure in their lives - they would continue to live in Starlight, as starlight never dies.  It continues to travel and that’s where Harold believes souls live.  Harold lead Mulder to a military base where was long since abandoned.  While following his psychic trail, the hid from base security who were searching for them, and discovered two hand prints with names written in cement above them.  The names read Jeffery and Samantha.  Mulder and Harold left the base, and later returned with Scully.  They searched the house where they had discovered the hand prints and found nothing.  However, Harold was sure that something was there - the group all held hands and closed their eyes, opening themselves to the possibilities.  The spirit of a little boy led Mulder down the hall, and into a room where he discovered a hidden compartment, containing a diary - his sisters diary.  After her abduction, Samantha Mulder was returned to the Cigarette Smoking Man who raised her on the base with his own son Jeffery Spender.  However, when Sam began remembering things from her past, she wrote them down.  Eventually, she ran away.  Their search led them to a local hospital, where a little girl was admitted years ago.  When Scully interviewed the nurse who admitted her, she said the girl vanished - a man whom she thought was her father, the Cigarette Smoking Man, had returned to take her home, but when the nurse went to fetch Samantha, she was gone.  The nurse also experienced a vision of Sam dead, and later saw her spirit trying to talk to her.  While Scully and Harold spoke to her, Mulder was drawn somehow to the top of a nearby hill, where he witnessed several children, all spirits, dancing and having fun.  Among them was the spirit of his sister, Samantha.  She hugged him, told him she loved him and Mulder finally achieved the closure which he had searched so hard for.


Scully’s adventures with Mulder began in Oregon, when a series of abductions were taking place involving teenagers at a local school.  It is rather ironic that their adventures almost ended in Oregon, seven years later.  Billy Miles, a boy who had experienced the abductions when Mulder and Scully were first assigned together, called Mulders office asking for help during an audit of the X Files budget.  For the abductions had begun again, except this time, no one is being returned.  Mulder and Scully headed out to Oregon in order to get to the bottom of the situation.  While there, Alex Krychek was also dispatched by the Cigarette Smoking Man, as what was actually happening had not been planned - a UFO had collided with an aircraft in mid air.  It was the Roswell incident all over again.  In Oregon, Scully began feeling unwell, which forced Mulder to re-evaluate not only his life on the X Files, but hers as well.  Mulder told her to leave the X Files and fulfil her dreams.  Her time working with him had cost her a great deal, including her ability to have children.  When Billy Miles was abducted, the investigation almost ended, until back in Washington, The Lone Gunmen managed to discover the location of the UFO by hacking into Government satellites.  What they discovered was that the UFO is visible on every satellite, but you wouldn’t know that’s what it was unless you knew exactly what you were looking for.  Fearing Scully was in danger of being taken again by the aliens Mulder left for Oregon again, only this time with Assistant Director Skinner.  Using a series of lasers, they managed to find the UFO, however, it did little good as Mulder was abducted, leaving Skinner alone in the woods.  It wasn’t just any abductees which were being abducted, it was the ones who had shown signs of advanced brain activity, like Mulder did when he encountered part of an alien artefact from Africa. When Skinner broke the news to Scully, he learned that Scully had collapsed in the FBI building not long after they had left, only there was nothing wrong with her.  In fact, something was right - she was pregnant.  How she became pregnant is the deepest of mysteries.  Before his abduction, Scully had underwent invitro therapy with Mulder as the donor, which was reported to have been unsuccessful.  Or did she become pregnant with a more traditional method?


When Mulder was returned, he was discovered dead in a field.  However, thanks to the quick thinking of Assistant Director Skinner, Mulders body was resumed from the grave, and he was found alive.  Or was he?  Billy Miles had also been returned, only not long after being put on life support, he shed his skin, literally becoming a new person - an alien replicant.  It was only when Skinner tried to kill Mulder by taking him off life-support was it discovered that the virus which transformed Billy Miles and which was hard at work in Mulder, was being incubated by the life support.  Skinner unknowingly saved his life.  However, once he returned to health, not everything was as expected.  Mulder was off the X Files, and was given a desk job, which he later lost by investigating a series of deaths on board an Oil Rig without authorisation.  But Mulder was there when Scully needed him the most – labour.  When she entered labour, Mulder was determined to protect not only her, but her child as well.  For her own safety, he sent her into hiding with Monica Reyes while he worked with Doggett and Skinner in stopping Billy Miles from getting her child.  Unfortunately, Billy caught up with her anyway, along with dozens of other alien replicants.  Strangely enough, the replicants watched the birth and then left, leaving Scully and the child unharmed.  Scully named the child William, after its grandfather William Mulder.  Mulder and Scully shared a passionate kiss before Mulder left.  Where he went is unknown, but he will return!


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