Special Agent John Doggett


John Doggett was recruited by the FBI from the police force in New York.  He was hard working and wasn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to get the job done, which allowed him to excel in the FBI rapidly.  John Doggett was assigned to partner Special Agent Dana Scully after her previous partner, Agent Mulder, vanished under mysterious circumstances, and some reports even claimed that he was abducted.  Doggett’s desire to excel in the FBI and his beliefs made him the perfect choice.  After Mulder’s abduction, Scully no longer believed that if science couldn’t explain it, it didn’t exist – she was now a believer, as Mulder was.  Doggett however was a sceptic, disbelieving any accounts of alien entities.  Deputy Director Kersh assigned Doggett in the search for Mulder for that reason.  Doggett was to discredit the X Files in the same way in which Agent Scully was supposed to when she was assigned to the unit initially.  Doggett also had some experience which could be of value during the hunt.


Years before, John Doggett’s son Luke was abducted from his home without a trace.  Doggett demanded to be part of the search, to which the Special Agent in charge of the operation, Monica Reyes, agreed.  Doggett was afraid to find his son – afraid of what he may find.  After days of investigating, his son was discovered brutally murdered by an unknown assailant.  The killer was never revealed.  When the body was discovered, Reyes say the body made out of ashes just for a split second.  John also saw it, but being sceptical, he came to believe that it was in his mind.


In Oregon, Fox Mulder was abducted by aliens, leaving Scully and Skinner searching.  Doggett was assigned the task of solving Mulder’s disappearance, the sooner the better.  As Scully entered the room where the search for Mulder was being co-ordinated, she was told to sit by the wall and someone would take a statement from her once they were done with Assistant Director Skinner.  An agent offered her some water, telling her that he worked with Mulder a little when he was back in violent crimes, before Mulder gained the reputation as spooky.  He didn’t believe that Agents really knew their partners, not who they really were anyway.  He told Scully that Mulder never really trusted her – he thought she was too ambitious.  He also told Scully that there were women within the FBI which Mulder would ‘confide’ matters like that in.  He then asked Scully about what her theory was, and she told him that he never knew Mulder at all.  She turned over his badge revealing his identity as John Doggett, the leader of the task force.  Taking the water which he had given her, she threw it in his face, leaving the room.  That night, he received a rather odd phone call from Agent Scully, asking him why he was tapping her phone calls and watching her apartment.  Doggett was baffled – he had no idea what she was talking about.  Curious about what had transpired, Doggett approached Deputy Director Kersh, asking him if there was another office working on the search for Mulder.  Kersh explained that Doggett was heading the task force and that no one else was involved.  Doggett then headed over to Mulder’s apartment in order to feed the fish, but discovered Scully who had fallen asleep in his bed.  When she woke up, she told him that he couldn’t know where to look for Mulder.  He then told her that he knows what she was going to say because she believes he is the “big bad wolf”.  Scully believed he was playing mind games with her in an attempt to get her to blurt out that aliens were involved so that Kersh could fire her.  When Scully asked him what he was really wanting, Doggett showed her some visa receipts all for car rentals with the same mileage.  He wanted to know where he was going, and when Scully didn’t know where he was going, he told her that perhaps she didn’t know him as well as she thought.  Later that day, Skinner was questioned about the removal of files from the FBI which involved Agent Mulders pass card.  As he was questioned, Scully protested, telling Agent Doggett that Skinner was telling the truth and that Mulder wasn’t in the building.  Doggett believed that Mulder was around as he had discovered another receipt for flowers which were sent to mortuary in North Carolina.  Scully explained that his mother was buried there and that that was the reason her would be visiting every weekend.  However, Doggett refused to believe this, especially when a package was brought in containing a tombstone with Mulders name engraved on it.  That evening, as Scully sat gazing at the tombstone, Skinner told her that nothing was making any sense when Doggett came over, claiming that he had found something.  Apparently, Mulder’s medical condition over the past year was deteriorating.  His condition had been deteriorating since his contact with the alien artefact which was discovered in Africa.  Doggett suggested that Mulder had taken one last chance to prove that aliens exist before he died.  Skinner was disgusted at the idea and continued to claim that he saw a UFO abduct Mulder.  Scully quickly realised what Skinner had said and requested that Doggett doesn’t report what he had just said.  Doggett discovered a file containing pictures and details of a boy named Gibson Praise – they were copies of the files which were removed from the office.  He ordered the task force that to find Mulder they must find Gibson Praise.  The task force headed to Arizona, where Agent Crane discovered that Gibson was at a school for the deaf in Flemingtown.  Doggett, who was in a helicopter, changed course towards the school.  Gibson was taken out of his science class so that the principle could keep an eye on him until Doggett arrived.  When he arrived, Doggett entered the building, and the principle told him that Gibson was in his office.  Doggett rushed in only to discover that he had left through the window.  He rushed back out of the office and discovered Scully and Skinner on the scene.  As the rest of the task force arrived, they began a search for Gibson.  Doggett spotted some footprints leading to a Cliffside where he discovered Gibson and Special Agent Fox Mulder holding him against his will.  Mulder released Gibson and ran off the edge of the cliff, where his body mysteriously vanished.  Doggett showed Skinner a set of track leading into the middle of the desert.  Scully knew exactly what had happened – the Alien Bounty Hunter.  That night, Kersh called John asking about what was going on.  On the phone, John explained that he saw Mulder who has vanished and that he is on top of the situation.  Skinner believed that Doggett was made “a pawn in a rigged game” - he was being set up to fail before he made it to the directors chair.  He attempted to explain this to him and told him that the only thing he could do to find Mulder is to listen to Scully, but if he puts anything about alien bounty hunters in a report, Kersh will ruin him.  Doggett then asked to speak to Scully, and put a call out over the radio for anyone with Scully to put her on the radio.  An agent inside the school dorms said he was with Scully, but at the same time, Scully had just came back from the desert.  She immediately knew what was going on – the Bounty Hunter had assumed her identity.  He attacked the agent who was with her just as the real Scully burst in the door, chasing the Bounty Hunter.  Unfortunately, the Bounty Hunter eluded her grasp taking the form of Agent Crane.  She knew that whoever the Bounty Hunter was now was in the dorm room.  As the agent whom the Bounty Hunter attacked was carried into an ambulance, Scully and Skinner headed to Gibson’s location, hoping that he may be the key to finding Mulder.  Doggett later discovered Scully in the middle of the desert.  She explained that he was afraid she’s right.  Doggett tried to get Scully to understand that Gibson would be safe in the hospital as he sent his men to guard him, but what he had really done is tell the Bounty Hunter where Gibson is.  They both left in the helicopter for the hospital.  Once their, Doggetts guards explained that no one would get past them and no one has.  When Scully and Doggett got to his room, it was empty.  Scully ran through the hospital while Doggett checked the room, noticing that one of the ceiling panels had been moved.  When he looked inside the ceiling he found AD Skinner unconscious.  He then rushed after Scully, finding her injured with Gibson Praise and a puddle of green goo which used to be the Bounty Hunter.  Back in Washington, Kersh expressed his dissatisfaction to Doggett as his report read like an X File.  When Doggett went visiting Scully in hospital, she asked him what he was doing.  It was at that moment he told her he was officially assigned to The X Files as her new partner.  As he left, he assured her he would find Mulder.


A few months after being assigned to the X Files and to find Special Agent Fox Mulder, Doggett accomplished his assignment, and to Deputy Director Kersh’s pleasure, Doggett recovered the body of Mulder.   For being an outstanding Agent in the FBI, Kersh offered Doggett a promotion, which he was planning on turning down as when Scully went on maternity leave, the door to the truth, The X Files would be shut down for good.  However, before Doggett could get the chance to accept or decline Kersh’s offer, Assistant Director Walter Skinner came across something interesting, which offered hope that Mulder may still be alive.  For Billy Miles, a boy from Oregon who was also abducted, was returned and found dead floating in the ocean.  When he was taken to a morgue in order for the cause of death to be determined, where it was discovered he was alive.  Skinner ordered Mulders body to be examined.  Doggett protested, but when his body was examined by the doctors who examined Billy, he was breathing.  After a skirmish with Alex Krychek, Mulder was alive and well, but not on the X Files.  Doggett was looking forward to meeting Mulder, but it didn’t turn out that way.  Mulder blamed Doggett for what was happening in The X Files.  It took months for Doggett and Mulder  to work out their differences.


Special Agent Monica Reyes was forced to enlist the help of Agent Mulder when a case she was working on involving satanic ritualistic murders.  As she explored the crime scene, she saw the victim made out of ash, in the same way she saw Luke during the search for him.  When Luke was discovered, he saw the ashes too, but spent the next few years convincing himself that he hadn’t.  In the FBI headquarters hallway, Doggett lunged at Mulder, throwing him against the wall telling him to stay out of his life.  Apparently, someone notified Doggett that Mulder was looking through his son’s case.  John didn’t like the idea of someone snooping about his life.  When he discovered that Reyes asked Mulder to look into the case, he was disgusted.  She explained what she saw and Doggett told both of them to leave his sons case alone.  Seeking some advice, he went to Scully, who had been admitted to hospital.  He asked what changed her mind about the paranormal.  After all, before her work on The X Files, Scully was just as sceptical as himself.  She told him that she realised she was afraid to believe.  When another victim was discovered, connected to the satanic ritual case, she called Doggett to the crime scene to see if he saw a body of ashes too.  He claimed that he didn’t see it, but Reyes was sure he did – she told him he was afraid and wanted to blind himself to the connections.  Later that day when Mulder visited Scully in the hospital, she asked him if he was able to help Doggett on the case, but Mulder told her “you cant help a man who cant help himself”.  Doggett reluctantly investigated Reyes’ case.  He began making enquiries about Jebb Dukes, who is believed to be the killer.  When Reyes began asking him about what he really saw, he didn’t understand how he could simply read the tealeaves and solve the crime.  He also told her that he is afraid he didn’t do everything he could to save his son.  If the possibilities which Reyes, Mulder and Scully talk about exist, then he didn’t do everything humanly possible to save his sons life.  When Jebb Dukes sister called, Doggett headed to her house as soon as possible.  As Doggett attempted to negotiate for Jebb’s niece who he had taken hostage, Reyes burst in and shot him, saving his niece.  Afterward in hospital, Doggett refused to leave Jebb’s room, until Reyes explained that perhaps the reason they both saw the vision of the ashes while searching for his son was to save Jebb Dukes niece.  Outside Scully’s room, Mulder told Doggett that he believes evil is a disease which infects person to person and that perhaps the evil in Jebb Dukes was the same evil that killed his son.  But as Jebb began having seizures, the evil which was within him entered his sister, compelling her to attack Reyes who was watching over them.  She began beating her with a fire extinguisher until Doggett rushed in, restraining Jebb’s sister and saving Monica’s life.


When Scully entered the final stages of pregnancy, she went on maternity leave from the FBI, leaving the office of The X Files to John Doggett.  One morning, as he was watching ‘the big race’, Mulder knocked on his door, directing him towards a case of arson which had occurred during the night - Zeus Genetics, an organisation who helped infertile mothers conceive, a place where a man named Duff Hascal, who had previously asked the FBI for help surrounding the death of his wife, believed they were experimenting using alien babies,  Following Mulder judgement, Doggett reluctantly took on the case, calling on his friend, Special Agent Crane, to look through the remains of the building.  While he did so, Doggett enlisted Mulders help in talking to Dr Parenti, who was a co-founder of Zeus Genetics and Scully’s doctor during the first two thirds of her pregnancy.  The two of them broke into Parenti’s office to have a look, however Doggett was a little cautious and asked Mulder what they do if they get caught.  Mulder failed to give a satisfactory answer.  While snooping around Mulder managed to bump into Parenti while Doggett discovered what appeared to be a show room, filled with embryos with birth defects.  When Parenti demanded that they leave, Doggett complied, complaining to Mulder that he was beginning to piss people off.  Later, when Mulder and Doggett returned, they were attacked by Billy Miles, who had just killed Dr Leve and Parenti.  When Doggett shot him, he seemed to just keep on going.  Mulder chose to believe that Billy was now an alien after shedding his skin, while Doggett believed he had simply been using a series of chemicals.  Mulder managed to figure out that what Billy Miles was after was Scully’s baby, he tried to get her to safety.  As he did so, Doggett received a call from Billy Miles who wanted to give himself up at Parenti’s office. However, when he arrived with Agent Crane and an FBI SWAT team, Billy was nowhere to be found - he was going after Scully.  With the help of Alex Krychek, Mulder got Scully to the safety of the FBI building where the planned their next course of action.  Doggett called on a favours from Agent Monica Reyes, who took Scully to a location only he knew - Democrat Springs, his birth place.  However as they prepared to flee, Billy Miles arrived.  As Scully and Reyes made their escape, Mulder and Skinner managed to knock Billy Miles off of the FBI roof, into a garbage truck.  Later that night, the morgue security camera picked up Billy Miles who had reassembled himself leaving the building.  Doggett protests that there is no way he’ll know where to find her.  At that instant, Knoel Roare, a contact of Doggetts deep inside military intelligence arrives wanting to talk to him about Scully and her baby.  Doggett was instantly sceptical about Knoels arrival, for once he came to see him, when Knoel makes Doggett work so hard to see him.  Knoel tried to draw the location of Scully out of him without any success, but what Knoel said to him made him fear for not only Scully’s life. But his own.  While Doggett spoke to Knoel, Billy Miles attacked, hospitalising Skinner.  Luckily, he wasn’t in for long.  Down in the car park, Doggett watched Knoel Roare with Mulder, when they noticed that he was working with Krychek.  When Doggett left following Knoel, Mulder stayed, watching Alex.  While following him, he spotted him meeting with Agent Crane, who was an alien replicant like Billy Miles and Knoel Roare himself.  Doggett instantly called Mulders cellular phone, letting him know what he had discovered.  As he went down to join Mulder, Knoel and Crane spotted Doggett and immediately pursued.  Doggett made it to the car park where he killed Crane and Knoel in a car chase.  Mulder left to find Scully while Doggett prepared his report of Deputy Director Kersh.  On the report, Agent Monica Reyes also signed the report.  The next morning, Kersh demanded to know why Reyes suddenly assigned herself to The X Files.  Reyes explained that Doggett assigned her.  Kersh then demanded to know why John had assumed the authority of his office.  Deputy Director Kersh was being investigated by The X Files for the late night meetings between Kersh, Crane and Roare.  As they left the office, Kersh commanded them that they will investigate what he orders them to.  Doggett, more than ready for Kersh, told him that he is doing just that - he’s investigating The X Files.


With Mulder out of the Beurau, and Scully off the X Files, John is the voice of the paranormal.



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